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As the largest province in the west part of China, Xinjiang is very worth to visit for its picturesque natural landscape, numerous historical sites of the ancient silk road and the unique culture of the 47minorities. Although it is the furthest city from the seas, it is a land full of mysterious meaning and vitality. Xinjiang is not a poet could describe. It is a real geographic existence with mountains, rivers, grassland, lakes, Gobi deserts, as well as its history and cultures. Travel to Xinjiang with us. You will be amazed by the charms of unique Xinjiang nature scenery. Explore the mysterious Kanas Lake in Altay Mountain and Karakul Lake in Pamir Plateau. You will realize how profound this old land has in its nature and societies — walking in the ancient towns in Kashgar to enjoy the unique lifestyles and customs of the local people. Experience the super hot weather of Flaming Mountain in Turpan. The most important is the delicious Xinjiang food of all kinds of dishes. Whether you are traveling with friends, families with kids and seniors, our professional team will lead you to explore the natural wonders, long history, and splendid culture with excellent service and lowest price. Very important: We are locals in Xinjiang, let's bring you to have a different & great holiday in our hometown!

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