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We offer Turpan city tours with unbeatable price as the locals in Xinjiang. As the famous trading post along the ancient Silk Road, Turpan Oasis could be vibrant and tranquil when surrounded by the vast Gobi desert is a true homage to the spirit of man. Travel to the ruins of Gaochang and Jiaohe to imagine how prosperous the business trade a thousand years ago. You will be amazed by the locals that made the Karez well irrigation system, which create the oasis. You may wander through the kingdom of Grapes in the Flaming Mountain Valley. Have the cooking class or enjoy the Xinjiang food in the yard of the local Uighur family. Apart from that, you can take the express train to Dunhuang to discover more about the Silk Road. You can also go to Kashgar by the overnight train to experience the Uighur culture and largest Sunday Bazaar.

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