• Take photos of the fantastic scenery surrounding the Pamir Plateau, and of local Tajiks traditional yurt houses.

  • Wandering the incredible Kashgar Sunday Market that used to be a great place to meet locals, merchants and travelers along the Silk Road.

  • Enjoy the Jiaohe Ruins in Turpan, which is one of the most visually spectacular ruins of the old Silk Road.

  • The Heavenly Lake provides the most breathtaking scenery, you'll have a chance to meet the nomadic culture of local kazakhs.


Day 1Kashgar Arrival

Today your flight will touch down in Kashgar, We will meet you at the airport exit with a welcome board and then transfer to the local hotel check in. The rest of the day is free for you to explore this city.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Kashgar
Altitude: 1289m
  • Kashgar


  • Kashgar


Day 2Mysterious Karakul Lake on Pamirs Plateau

Morning, after your nice breakfast. Your guide and driver will meet you at hotel lobby to start the adventure. We will pay a visit to the famous Sunday Bazaar that is combined two section. The covered bazaar sells the clothing, nuts, household goods and many things out of your imagination. It is quite interesting to witness their typical methods of bargain.

After that, driving on the China and Pakistan highway about 4hrs to enjoy the landscape of Pamirs Plateau, on the way, you can enjoy the magnificent Bulongkol Lake also known as Baisha Mountain (white Sand Mountain) located next to the Karakoram Highway, so it is one of the must stop spot on the way to Karakul lake and Taxkorgan. Experience beautiful Karakul Lake where the herds of livestock around the lakeside are reflected in lake Kirghiz herdsmen usually settle down and graze their herds before shuttling you onward to Taxkorgan. The following day will be spent exploring the stunning landscape surrounding the highway, and we will drive to Taxkrogan County for overnight stay.

Traffic: Car (320kms)
Hotel: Overnight in Taxkorgan
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 3100m
  • Karakul Lake.jpg

    Karakul Lake

  • Taxkorgan


Day 3Taxkorgan Stone Fortress and Golden Grassland

Today we will drive back to Kashgar, on the way, you will visit the Stone Fortress. The city is oval in shape and the city walls were built with sun-dried bricks on stone foundation. It is 1285 metres in circumference outside. Over the past few years, new wooden pathways have been constructed to allow tourist to walk these beautiful grasslands, known as the Golden Grasslands. From here you can get even better photos of the Stone Fortress. Walking around the pastureland to see Local Tajiks customs, there are yurts and frame houses of Tajik ethnic group providing rooms and board for visitors. You can also go out on the small rafts and enjoy yourselves in the scenic area. A reception center there facilitates rentals, yachts, camels, horses etc.

Traffic: Car (320kms)
Hotel: Overnight in Kashgar
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1289m
  • Taxkorgan County.jpg

    Taxkorgan County

  • Taxkorgan Stone Fortress.jpg

    Taxkorgan Stone Fortress

Day 4Kashgar City Tour, fly to Urumqi

Today meet your guide and driver at the hotel lobby, then we will do full day Kashgar city excursion. we will visit the Idigar Mosque, the largest Mosque in China and the most sacred mosque for the locals to practise their Islamic activities. around 10:30 we have to visit the Old Town when the open ceremony ready to greeting all the tourists with the culture show, further exploration to the special culture and experience the lifestyle with the arrangements of the visiting to the local Uighur Family. Kashgar city tour ends with the wandering to the bustling Handicraft street, dazzling jewelry, primitive pottery,unique musical instrument, daily resources of the locals. The spare time in the tea-house is our special arrangement for you to relax and get a feel for the local culture and traditions. After visiting, say goodbye to Kashgar and you will be transferred to the airport to take the flight to Urumqi.

Traffic: Car&Flight
Hotel: Overnight in Urumqi
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 836m
  • Idigar Mosque.jpg

    Idigar Mosque

  • Old Town Kashgar.jpg

    Old Town Kashgar

Day 5Exploring of the Heavenly Lake and Grand Bazaar

Today you will drive to the picturesque Heavenly Lake, which is surrounded by the snow mountains, blooming wildflowers, evergreen pine trees. Trekking along the lake in the fresh air. or you can explore further uo to the Maya Mountain by the cable car to enjoy the magnificent view of the Mountains. 

Afterwards, transfer back to Urumqi about the other 1.5hrs, visit the Xinjiang International Bazaar, the largest bazaar in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine.

Traffic: Car (120kms)
Hotel: Overnight in Urumqi
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1920m
  • Heavenly Lake

    Heavenly Lake

  • Xinjiang Interntional Bazaar.jpg

    Xinjiang Interntional Bazaar

Day 6Oldest Tuyoq Uighur Village and Jiaohe Ruins

Today we will drive to the histroical sites and oasis land of Turpan. A must and first visit is the oldest Uighur village Tuyoq Village located in the very center of Flaming Mountain Canyon. The village consists of four parts: Canyon scenery, Thousand Buddha Caves, Maza tomb and the old buildings of the ancient village. And pay a visit to the Jiaohe Ruins, one of the best preserved ruins of its ancient era in China, it was include in the World Heritage List on June 22, 2014. After visiting, we will stay overnight in Turpan.

Traffic: Car (200kms)
Hotel: Overnight in Turpan
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Turpan


  • Jiaohe Ruins.jpg

    Jiaohe Ruins

Day 7Sightseeing of Karez Well and Sugong Minaret, Urumqi Departure

Morning depart from the hotel, we will head to the Karez Well, which is special kind of irrigation system, here you can not only visit this ancient irrigation system, but also get rid of the heat of summer. Then explore the Sugong Minaret, the largest Islamic minaret in China built in 1778. 

After the visiting, we will drive back to Urumqi and transfer you to the airport to catch your flight based on your schedule. Wish you a pleasant journey home!

Traffic: Car (200kms)
Hotel: No Accommodation
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 836m
  • Karez Well.jpg

    Karez Well

  • Sugong Minaret.jpg

    Sugong Minaret

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  • Private transportation through out the itinerary. SRT will arrange for all travelers to be met on arrival and seen off on departure based on your flight info. 

  • Shared accommodations in well located, tourist to superior class hotels include breakfast, service charge and government tax. 5star hotel in Kashgar and Urumqi. 3star in Taxkorgan. 4star in Turpan

  • All entrance fees(shuttle bus) sightseeing; excursions and activities as per the itinerary

  • Domestic flight from Kashgar to Urumqi with tax

  • Private friendly and professional English-Speaking guides 

  • Visa support letter for you to apply Chinese visa easily.

  • Travel and health insurance when travel with us.

  • A 24/7 helpline while you are traveling.


  • International and domestic flights not indicated.

  • Food, Lunch or dinner not specified

  • Tips or gratuities for guides and drivers

  • Personal expenses and the other tours or activities not mentioned


  • We will upgrade trains to 1st class where available if book the tour 5 months in advance of departure.

  • There is no problem to travel Silk Road during Ramadan.

  • Complimentary 2 bottles of water each person on daily use.


We will use business MPV to luxurious coaches and trains.


All the hotels we selected are 4-5star well-located in the city center with good and proper breakfast for our clients.


Our guides are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. And our group tours will be escorted from SRT.

Climate and Altitude

Generally speaking Mid March—End Oct are the best time to visit Silk Road. And we strongly suggest you come in May, June, October to avoid the heat and crowd. No need to worry about high altitude along the Silk Road. We will prepare Oxygen bags if the package includes Xiahe, Qinghai Lake and Taxkorgan County.

We offer beneficial Cancellation Policy to our customers.

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