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Xinjiang Geographical Map.jpgXinjiang Geographical Map

Xinjiang is located in northwest China. In the hinterland of Eurasia, it is the largest province in China covering the area of 1.66m sq kms with so much to visit and boasts unique natural landscape consisting of world-renowned large mountain ranges, glaciers,water systems,oasis, prairies and forests. From the holy mountain of Tianshan to the vast grasslands of Narati and Bayanbulak, from the great Taklamakan Desert to the grand Sayram lake.Travel to Xinjiang, where you can explore the historical sites of the Silk Road and the colorful folklore of so many different minorities. The Silk Road played an important role in promoting the exchanges of material and spriritual civilization bewteen the East and West. The long sections of the Silk Road running across Xinjiang make up a treasure house of relics known to the while world with their frontier passes,ancient cities and castles,buddhist caves and temples, courier stations, ancient Tombs, war-signaling stations tec. Like strings of pearls that sparkle brillantly and colorfully along the ancient Road. Besides, local Xinjiang food is unique with the style of Central Asia and Turkey.


Chinese: 新疆 Xīnjiāng                                 Area: 1,650,257 square kilometers

Time Zone: UTC+8                                       Population(2018): about 25,000,000

Location: Northwest China                           Climate: Temperate Continental Climate

Post Code: 830000-840000                          Administration Type: Autonomous Region

Area Code: (+86) 0991-0909                        Average annual rainfall: 166mm

Xinjiang Tourism Resources

bahaba-1.jpgHemu Village

In Xinjiang, there is a mysterious Tianshan Mountain 天山, which divides this Autonomous Region into twp parts - the north part and the south part. The style and features of south and north Xinjiang are different!

Northern Xinjiang 北疆 is famous for its natural scenery, and its famous cities and regions include Urumqi 乌鲁木齐, Turpan 吐鲁番, Ili 伊犁, Altay 阿勒泰, Tacheng 塔城, Bortala 博尔塔拉, etc. The whole northern Xinjiang has a historical herdsman culture, mountains, and grasslands, as well as galloping horses and unique song & dance.

The south of Xinjiang 南疆 is featured in history and culture. It includes Kashgar 喀什, Khotan 和田, Aksu 阿克苏, Bayingol 巴音郭楞, Kizilsu and Kirgiz 克孜勒苏, as well as Kunlun Mountain 昆仑山, and Tarim Basin 塔里木盆地. When you come to southern Xinjiang, you will find the perfect combination of desert and Gobi, plus the diversified agricultural civilization, and experience the rhythm of Uyghur Muqam 维吾尔族木卡姆.


Vast territory and abundant resources are the best portraits of Xinjiang. Meanwhile, the region is also the gathering place of many ethnic groups such as Uyghur, Khazak, and Tajik, to name just a few. Xinjiang has beautiful scenery of desert, Gobi, snow mountain, lake, forest, grassland, rural village, etc.


Must see Attractions:

1. Heavenly Lake -the Pearl of Tianshan Mountain. With melted snow as its source, mountains surround the crystal clear lake, and the reflection of the lake is the Bogda Peak in the distance. The scenery of the Heavenly Lake is like a fairyland, like a sapphire surrounded by mountains.

lavender-1.jpgIli Lavender

2. Ili - The beauties of nature. There is an old saying that we don't know the size of China until we reach Xinjiang, and we don't see the beauty of Xinjiang until we arrive at Ili. The scenery of Ili has four distinct seasons, which will surely fascinate you!

3. Gobi Desert - In Xinjiang, the desert and Gobi desert are the most impressive view along the road, driving cross-country vehicles into the desert, let you enjoy the seductive beauty in the bumps!

With the vast land and natural beauties, Xinjiang has many places to visit and travel. I hope you can find the joy and surprise of life in your unique and customized journey!


When should we Travel to Xinjiang?

Ugyhur Muqam.jpgUyghur Performance

Many tourists and friends who come to Xinjiang for the first time will have such questions. When is the best time to visit Xinjiang? According to some geographical features of Xinjiang and the experience of many trips to Xinjiang, I have summed up the period for you, hoping to give a reference to tourists who come to Xinjiang for the first time, hoping that you can see the marvelous views at the right time.

a) Spring (March-May): With the increases in precipitation and temperature. In spring, the flowers and grassland attract a lot of attention, so at this time, southern Xinjiang is the right choice. Lavender, rape flower field, apricot flower, and peach flower are competing for blossom.

b) Summer (June - August): It is the season when fruits and melons are ripe and fragrant. Although Xinjiang is also hot and dry in summer, however, the temperature in the mountain area is relatively cold, which is a good summer resort. Also, it is the golden season of sand therapy in Turpan, and experience the prairie culture in Ili.

poplar diversifies.jpgDiversifolious Poplar

c) Autumn (September - November): The hot summer recedes, and the cold wave comes slowly, which makes the sky-high and cloud light, the air crisp in autumn. At this time, you can enjoy the harvest and temptation of fruits and delicacies. It's the most suitable for food lovers.

d) Winter (December - February of the next year): The snow and ice in winter is the unique flavor of Xinjiang, and it is also the season with the least wind, but there are many patches of fog.

April to November is the best time to Xinjiang

If it is divided by region, from August to October is the best season to travel to southern Xinjiang.)At this time, the invigorating autumn climate and the scenery is charming.

naraty arpricot-1.jpgNaraty Apricot

Trekking in Northern Xinjiang, the different seasons have a diverse beauty. The best time to visit  North Xinjiang is from May to September. DAt this time, you can see the splendid natural views, including forests, lakes, and prairies, just like a colorful oil painting. Meanwhile, it's also the season when fruits and melons are fragrant. You can't extricate yourself from the fresh fragrance when you are addicted to it.

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Xinjiang neighbors Gansu province and Qinghai Province in the southeast and Tibet in the South, and bordering eight countries in all of the other directions, that is Mongolia in the northweast, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikstan in the northwest and Afgahnistan, Pakistan and India in the southwest. Thus it is very important to travel Xinjiang with the locals who knows not only their hometown, but also the neighbors countries. We are aimed at providing the valuable holidays to our clients. We are not flooded by visitors and when compared to other travel destinations the population of Xinjiang is only 20 million, so almost the same as Shanghai or Beijing but with so much more space and scenery to take your breath away. You will not need to wait at the entrance of the best tourist spots. No long queue for you. You can enjoy the sightseeing and photography freely.

市区6.jpgOur Guests in Kashgar Id Kah Mosque

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    Xinjiang Holiday to Kashgar, Heavenly lake and Turpan

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    North Xinjiang: from Heavenly Lake to Kanas Lake

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    7 Days Kanas Trekking & Turpan Uighur Culture

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    8 Days Amazing Natural Wonders Exploration of Xinjiang

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