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Xinjiang is the largest province in China covering the area of 1.66m sq kms with so much to see and visit. Rich in all kinds of tourist sites, from the holy mountain of Tianshan to the vast grasslands of Narati and Bayanbulak, from the great Taklamakan Desert to the grand Sayram lake, Travel to Xinjiang, where you can explore the historical sites of the Silk Road and the colorful folklore of so many different minorities. Besides, local Xinjiang food is unique with the style of Central Asia and Turkey.

sayram lake-2.jpgSayram Lake

The Tianshan Mountains, in the middle of Xinjiang, divides this Autonomous Region into two totally different parts - the north part and the south part. This unique landscape is called 'three mountains surrounding two basins'. These features are, from north to south, Altai Mountains, Junggar Basin, Tianshan Mountains,Tarim Basin and Kunlun Mountains.

If the north part means mountains and grasslands like the Kanas Nature Reserve and Narat Grassland, the south part means desert and Gobi; if north part means a pasture-based culture, the south part means an agricultural society; if north part means fine horses and the sounds of singing, the south part means dances such as Mukamu (the most popular local dance).

Chinese: 新疆 Xīnjiāng

Location: Northwest China

Time Zone: UTC + 8 Average annual rainfall: 166mm

Post Code: 830000-840000

Area: 1,650,257 square kilometers
Area Code: (+86) 0991-0909 Climate: Temperate Continental Climate
Population(2018): about 25,000,000 Administration Type: Autonomous Region

The weather in Xinjiang is different from the cities of inland in China, the temperature from May to June in daytime is is just like early Spring, the flowers are blooming in the grassland and Sayram Lake. the temperature from July to September is less than 30 degrees maximum, and in the evening only about 20 degrees so it is very comfortable (excluding Turpan, which is also called fire-land, it can be 45 degree, even higher. If you know The flaming mountain described in the Journey to the west then you can imagine). Then the best time to Xinjiang is from April to October.

Top Cities and Attractions in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is divided into 4 Prefecture-Level Cities, 5 Prefectures, and 5 Autonomous Prefectures.

4 Prefecture-Level Cities: Urumqi, Karamay, Turpan, Hami

5 Prefectures: Aksu, Kashgar, Hotan, Tacheng, Altay

5 Autonomous Prefectures: Changji Autonomous Prefecture, Bortala Autonomous Prefecture, Bayingolin Autonomous Prefecture, Kizilsu Autonomous Prefecture, Yili Autonomous Prefecture

xinjiang international bazaar-3.jpgInternational Grand Bazaar

The capital city, Urumqi, is located in the north part of Xinjiang, there are lots of tourist sites and scenic spots that you could visit and enjoy, such as Xinjiang Regional Museum, Shuimogou Park, Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, Nanshan Pastureland, Geographic Center of Asia, Red Hill Park, and Hongguangshan Ecological Park, etc.

Turpan is a popular tourist attraction where you could appreciate wonderful masterpieces of the nature and history. All kinds of scenic spots can bring you splendid experiences. Even their historical footprint can be seen in the incredible construction of the Uyghur Karez Well system, an engineering feat that is single-handedly responsible for keeping Turpan watered and alive. Sugong Minaret and Flaming Mountains are also famous around the world.

Kashgar is one of the historical and cultural cities in Xinjiang. This city is consisting of relics of ancient cities, frescoes, and Buddha caves. Tourists should must visit to Id Kah Mosque which is situated on the Idigar Square. It has the great history of more than five hundred years. Walking at the bazaar is the best way to know Kashgar. Sunday Bazaar at East Gate of Kashgar the largest one in south Xinjiang. Pay a visit to the Stone City located on the north side of Taxkorgan, is a famous ancient city ruin on the ancient road in Xinjiang.

xiata grassland.jpgXiata Grassland

Yili enjoys numerous amazing tourist attractions. For the natural spots, there is Gongnaisi Prairie, Tangbula Prairie, Naraty Grassland, Zhaosu Prairie, Guozigou Valley, Kalajun Grassland, Yili River, etc. Besides, you could also visit Ipal Khan Tourist Park, Lavender Garden, Sayram Lake, etc.

Altay with the most beautiful and the most concentrated tourist attractions gather in northern Burqin county, mainly including Kanas Scenic Spot, Hemu Village, Baigaba Village, Five-Colorful Beach, etc. and in east, there is another tourist destination -- Keketuohai National Reserve

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市区6.jpgOur Guests in Kashgar Id Kah Mosque

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