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Take the Guizhou Tours to Colorful Miao and Dong Villiage, Appreciate the amazing Landscape to Fanjin Mountain, Huangguoshu Water Fall.......Guizhou, also called “Qian”, is a province of China in the southwest region bordering with 5 provinces. Yunnan to the west, Sichuan to the northwest, Chongqing to the north, Hunan to the east and Guangxi to the south. Guiyang is the capital and largest city.

Guizhou had been the residence of human as early as 170,000 years ago. And the earliest recorded history of Guizhou is about a mysterious country in Warring States Period (475 B.C.-221B. C.) – Yelang Kingdom. Yelang Kingdom is a collection of tribes, and its territory mainly falls in Guizhou. In modern times, the most distinguished chapter of Guizhou is the Long March. We could say that Guizhou witness the Long March from start to finish and there is nowhere else to really know the history of Chinese Red Army Long March.

Diversity is the most significant feature of Guizhou as more than 37% of the population are the minority groups and all the 56 ethnic groups of China are living in this land. Miao accounts for the majority of the minority groups of Guizhou, and after Miao is Buyi, Dong, Tujia and Yi. In Guizhou, Miao villages and Dong villages are everywhere and the other residences of minority groups are also dotted in the colorful land.

Southeast Guizhou (Qian Dongnan) is the highlight of Guizhou where you can not only appreciate the beautiful mountain scenery on the way, but also feel the unique flavor of exotic culture. Upper Langde Miao village, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village and Biasha Miao Village are the 3 most typical Miao villages in Southeast Guizhou and strolling around these villages is just liking visiting the living Miao culture museum, amazing and interesting. Dong culture is also the calling card of Guizhou for its colorful customs and finest architecture. Wind & rain bridges and Dong drum towers are the 2 stars of Dong culture with sophisticated structure and exquisite designs showing the wisdom of Dong people. Zhaoxing Dong Village, Tang’an Dong Village and Chejiang Dong Village are all the excellent places for visitors to closely contact with Dong culture.

Fanjingshan Mountain is the newly listed UNESCO World Heritage for its magnificent landscape and marvelous Buddhist culture. It is located in east Guizhou where is also the home to Zhenyuan Ancient Town, a beautiful town built 400 years ago with plenty of religious buildings and profound culture. Go further south to the south part of Guizhou, Daqikong and Xiaoqikong in Libo cannot be missed out since Karst landform in Libo is the masterpieces of nature.

The majestic Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun is well-known world-widely for its tremendous momentum like dashing from heaven. You will be amazed by the wonderful scenery of waterfalls, forests and gorges in west Guizhou. Do not stop here, go to the north

North Guizhou is full of the red sites of revolutionary elements. 15th, January, 1935 is the one of the most important turning points of the fate of Chinese Red Army. Zunyi Meeting was held in that day and drew the prologue of Red Amy Long March. You can visit the Zunyi Meeting Memorial Hall and go to the northwest along the Chishui River to feel how difficult the situation was in 1935 for the red army and Chinese Communist Party and how brave the warriors in red army were.

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