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Qinghai Province is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with abundant tourism resources in the territory, with its unique features vast pastureland, wildlife resources of Hox Xil, well-known Qinghai Lake, featured Ta'er monastery and profound culture of Qinghai Plateau. It has a long history and a splendid civilization and also the place where ancient human life stagnation. It is the birthplace of Kunlun culture. The natural scenery of Qinghai is magnificent, bold, and unrestrained, and has unique plateau characteristics. The unique plateau climate is another natural resource of Qinghai. When the summer season is high, when the heatwave and heat in the mainland are very hard to endure, it is refreshing and pleasant here. At present, the tourism industry in Qinghai is beginning to take shape, and beautiful Qinghai is looking forward to tourists visiting and exploring. Our local Qinghai Tour advisor will bring you to find his real hometown.

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