• Explore the west most city Kashgar of its most interesting corners

  • Drive along the Karakom Highway to enjoy the amazing Pamir Plateau

  • Picturesque Heavenly Lake and Tianshan Mountain chains

  • Visit the Local Uyghur Family in the ancient Tuyoq village in Turpan

  • Ride camels up the dunes Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake of Dunhuang

  • Glimpse the world’s oldest edition of the Koran in Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s huge Soviet-era capital


Day 1Kashgar Arrival

Welcome to Kashgar, the ancient city with special local cultural and ethnic characteristics along the Silk Road. Be transferred to the hotel. Relax and prepare for your Natural Wonder and Culture Adventure.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar
Altitude: 1289m

Day 2Kashgar City Tour

Today you will enjoy a full day excursion of Kashgar. Pay a visit to Id Kah Mosque, the largest Mosque in China and the most sacred mosque for the locals to practise their Islamic activities at 09:00. Continue the visiting to Old Town at 10:30 with the open ceremony of Maxilap show. Come and Join the exciting movement in this well-preserved Uighur residential area.Our speciality: Relaxing in the Hundred-years Tea house,taste the local rose tea and nang-bread!

After Lunch in the local Restaurant. Continue to visit the Handicraft street, it gathered hundreds of handicraft workshops, which has become a boutique exhibition for handicraft in Kashgar and Central Asia.

Then drive to Sunday Bazaar that is combined two section. The covered bazaar sells the clothing, nuts, household goods and many things out of your imagination. It is quite interesting to witness their typical methods of bargin.  Return to hotel for the night and have a good rest!

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1289m
  • Id kah mosque.jpg

    Id Kah Mosque

  • Hadicrafts Street.jpg

    Hadicrafts Street

Day 3Drive to Taxkorgan and visit Karakul Lake (320 kms)

In the morning, enjoy your nice buffet breakfast. At 09:00 your guide and driver will meet you at hotel lobby to start the adventure. Driving on the China and Pakistan highway about 4hrs to enjoy the landscape of Pamirs Plateau.40mins driving. we stop in the Opal village to visit the traditional bustling bazaar

On the way, you can experience beautiful Karakul Lake where the herds of livestock around the lakeside are reflected in lake Kirghiz herdsmen usually settle down and graze their herds before shuttling you onward to Taxkorgan.

Stay one night and explore its peculiar folk customs of Tajik nationality. Taste snack and milk tea provided by local herdsman and spend your rest of day at leisure.

Traffic: Car
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 3100m
  • Karakul Lake.jpg

    Karakul Lake

  • Karakul Lake.jpg

    Karakul Lake

Day 4Taxkorgan back to Kashgar then Train to Kuqa

Driving back to Kashgar. On the way, you will visit the Stone Fortress. The city is oval in shape and the city walls were built with sun-dried bricks on stone foundation. It is 1285 meters in circumference outside. Walking around the pastureland to see Local Tajiks customs. 

Afternoon back to Kashgar and transfer to the train station to take the overnight train to Kuqa.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight on the soft sleeper train
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1600m
  • Stone Fortress.jpg

    Stone Fortress

  • Stone Fortress.jpg

    Stone Fortress

Day 5Visit Tianshan Great Canyon

Our first stop is  Kizil Grottoes, located on the northern bank of the Muzat River 65 kilometers west of Kuqa and the earliest major Buddhist cave complex in China. Walk through the caves and enjoy Buddhist cultural feast across centuries. Pay avisit to the Tianshan Great Canyon, which is the excellent geological park all over the world. It recorded the whole process of crustal movement in Xinjiang during the past 400 million years.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Kuqa Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1600m
  • Kizil Grottoes.jpg

    Kizil Grottoes

  • Tianshan Great Canyon.jpg

    Tianshan Great Canyon

Day 6Kuqa City Tour then Train to Urumqi

Today there is an option to visit  Kizilgaha Beacon Tower. Locating 10 km outside Kuqa, the Kizilgaha Beacon Tower provide security for traveling caravans on the Silk Road and prevent enemy invasions. Round earth tower built with a wooden roof, it rises to the sky in the middle of the desert landscape as typical scenery of the region. 

Then continue your trip to Subash Ruins to experience an exotic sight more than one thousand years ago. Return to downtown and stroll around the Kuqa Old City to explore the local lifestyle.

Be transferred to the train station and take the overnight train to Urumqi.

Traffic: Car+Train
Hotel: Overnight on the soft sleeper train
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 918m
  • Kuqa Old Town.jpg

    Kuqa Old Town

  • Kuqa.jpg


Day 7Visit the Heavenly Lake (120 kms)

Morning arrive in Urumqi. We will drive 1.5 hours to entrance of the Heavenly Lake about 08:30, following is the 40-minutes shuttle bus twisting through the picturesque Tianshan mountains to the edge of the Lake. Either Trek around the lake, enjoy the boating cruise, or even take the cable car to the explore the Maya Mountain for the incredible view of Bogoda Peak.

Lunch will be arranged in the Yurt of the local Kazakhs. Back to Urumqi and head to Xinjiang Regional Museum, where are many archaeological treasures of the Silk Road and Xinjiang's minority cultures. You will learn about the history of Xinjiang and its peculiar ethnic customs. If time allowed, you will visit Grand International Bazaar and have dinner there.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Universal Hotel Urumqi
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 918m
  • Heavenly Lake.jpg

    Heavenly Lake

  • Xinjiang International Bazaar.jpg

    Xinjiang International Bazaar

Day 8Drive to Turpan and Have City Tour (200 kms)

After breakfast, the good day begins. First we drive to Tuyoq Village which is an ancient oasis-village in the Taklamakan desert, 70 km east of Turpan in a lush valley cutting into the Flaming Mountains and famous for its seedless grapes and a number of ancient Buddhist meditation caves nearby containing frescos. Then we make our way to Bezekilik Thousand Buddha Caves which are a complex of Buddhist cave grottos dating from the 5th to 14th century between the cities of Turpan and Shanshan (Loulan) at the northeast of the Taklamakan Desert near the ancient ruins of Gaochang in the Mutou Valley. Finally our scenic bus will take you to Astana  Tombs, a complex of an ancient tomb where you can see many well- preserved aretifacts including mummies. 

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Mercure Hotel Turpan Downtown
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Astana Tombs.jpg

    Astana Tombs

  • Bezkilik Thousand Buddha Caves.jpg

    Bezkilik Thousand Buddha Caves

Day 9Turpan City Tour

Today you will have a full day to explore this fertile oasis. We will take you to visit Turpan Museum, to explore the local culture and history. Pay a visit to Karez Well irrigation system that produce the best melons and grapes in China. Following is the visiting to Sugong Minaret, a conduit for cultural exchange between different ethnic and religious groups.

Afterwards explore Jiaohe Ruins, resembles Pompeii, but 300 years older, where you can experience the way of life of the Uighur ancestors.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Mercure Hotel Turpan Downtown
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Turpan Museum.jpg

    Turpan Museum

  • Sugong Minaret.jpg

    Sugong Minaret

Day 10Train to Dunhuang and Visit Echoing Sand Mountain

Say goodbye to Turpan and then 4 hours train ride to Liuyuan Station, Dunhuang. Drive another 2hours to the Echoing Sand Mountain, where you can ride the camels for 40mins to experience the beautiful dessert scenery. 

After an extraordinary day, freshen up and enjoy a good dinner, we continue to appreciate the bustling Shazhou Night Markets dotted with special commodities and souvenirs.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Altitude: 1138m
  • Echoing Sand Mountain.jpg

    Echoing Sand Mountain

  • Shazhou Night Market.jpg

    Shazhou Night Market

Day 11Visit Yardan National Geological Park

we will be visiting the Yumenguan Pass, it got the name because the famous Khotan jade entered the Dunhuang from here. Yumenguan pass and Yangguan pass were the two critical defensive passes protecting Dunhuang from invasion from the West about thousands of year ago. From here you can not only learn more history and culture about the ancient Silk Road, but also learn many famous poems of Tang Dynasty. 

Thereafter, we will travel to the amazing Yardan National Geological Park, also called "Yadan Ghost City", which is the largest one of Yadan Landform found so far. The park stretches twenty-five kilometers from north to south and about two kilometers from east to west. It features the unique and wonderful scenes and landscapes of Gobi desert.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Universal Hotel Urumqi
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1138m
  • Yumenguan pass.jpg

    Yumenguan Pass

  • Yardan national geological park.jpg

    Yardan National Geological Park

Day 12Visit Mogao Grottoes

Continue our silk road travel, today our professional tour guide will bring you to travel to Dunhuang, it is the best place where you can explore Chinese history and culture. Our first destination is Mogao Grottoes, also known as the Thousand Buddha Caves, this UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the great artistic and religious wonders of the world and it is famous for its exquisite murals and various sculptures inside the caves, which was built in different dynasties, spanning 1,000 years of Buddhist art. Then we will explore the Dunhuang Museum, to explore the local culture and history.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Dunhuang
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1138m
  • Mogao Grottoes.jpg

    Mogao Grottoes

  • Mogao Grottoes.png

    Mogao Grottoes

Day 13Train to Urumqi then flight to Tashkent

Today say farewell to Dunhuang as we will take high-speed train to Urumqi. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport and take the flight to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan with a history of 2500 years. Tashkent is a commercial pivot in ancient Silk Road, and it is the center of economy and culture as the largest city in Central Asia. Check in the hotel and have a good rest after a long flight.

Traffic: Car+Train+Flight
Hotel: Tashkent Shodlik Palace
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 455m

Day 14Flight to Bukhara

In the morning you will have a direct transfer to domestic airport for your flight to Bukhara (09.15-10:25). Upon arrival you will be transferred to the hotel to have some rest. 

In the afternoon you will meet your guide in a hotel. You will an interesting city tour in Bukhara that includes Citadel Ark (4th c. BC), Samanides Mausoleum (9-10th c.), Chashma Ayub(14th c.), Bolo-Hauz Mosque (beginning of the 20th c.), Coumpol bazaarMedreseh Nodir-Divan-Beghi, and complex Lyabi. Night is in a hotel. 

Traffic: Car+Flight
Hotel: Bukhara Salom Boutique Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 230m
  • Bolo-hauz Mosque.jpg

    Bolo-hauz Mosque

  • Samanides Mausoleum.jpg

    Samanides Mausoleum

Day 15Bukhara City Tour

Today you will have a trip out of the city for a visit to Bahouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum (16-19th c.), to the sepulchers of his mother and his preceptor (14th c.), for Muslims – Juma namaz praying at Bahouddin Nakshbandi Mosque. Continuation of tour will be followed by a mausoleum of Chor-Bakr (10th c.), and a visit to summer residence Sitorai-Mokhi-Hossa (19th c.). Shopping is at national bazaar in Bukhara, visiting gold market at open air. The afternoon time is free on your own to explore ancient city. We advise to taste natural green tea with national sweets at Dolon restaurant open terrace & have fashion / folklore show at Nadir Divan Begi medresse. Night is in a hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Bukhara Salom Boutique Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 230m
  • Mausoleum Of Chor-bakr.jpg

    Mausoleum Of Chor-bakr

  • Sitorai-mokhi-hossa.jpg


Day 16Bukhara to Samarkand

In the morning we will start our drive towards Samarkand. The city is most noted for its central position on the Silk Road between China and the West, and for being an Islamic centre for scholarly study. In the 14th century it became the capital of the empire of Timur. In 2001, UNESCO added the city to its World Heritage List as Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures. On the way we will stop at Gijduvvan village and visit private pottery workshop. After it we will visit Imam Al Bukhary Memorial Complex at Chelak village. Upon arrival in Samarkand you will check in in a hotel and have free time for rest.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Samarkand Zilol Baxt Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 702m
  • Imam Al Bukhary Memorial Complex.jpg

    Imam Al Bukhary Memorial Complex

  • Pottery Workshop.jpg

    Pottery Workshop

Day 17Samarkand City Tour

Samarkand is situated in the valley of the river Zerafshan. It is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and is of the same age as the city of Babylon or Rome. Today you will visit its most outstanding sights such as Registan square, Shakhi-Zindeh, Mausoleum Guri Emir and Bibi Khanum Mosque. 

Registan Square, a complex of three fascinating Madrasahs dating back to 15-17th centuries, is the main highlight of Samarkand that no person can stop admiring its beauty and majesty. Architectural complex of Shakhi-Zindeh represents a big collection of mausoleums dating back to 11th-15 centuries being a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bibi Khanum Mosque was built in honor of favorite Tamerlane's wife, after his successful campaign in India. Overnight is at the hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Samarkand Zilol Baxt Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 702m
  • Registan Square.jpg

    Registan Square

  • Bibi Khanum Mosque.jpg

    Bibi Khanum Mosque

Day 18Train to Tashkent

In the morning you can visit local bazaar for shopping. In the afternoon you will take the train to Tashkent.

Traffic: Car+Train
Hotel: Tashkent Shodlik Palace
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 455m

Day 19Tashkent City Tour then Departure

Today you will visit Independence square which is the main square of the country, erected as a symbol of victory over fascism in World War II. Then visit Navoi Theater square, Barak-Khan Madrasah (16th c.), The Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum (15th c.), Kukeldash Madrasah (16th c.). The Djuma mosque (9th c.), Amir Temur square, Tashkent National Arts Centre, local "Broadway" - a walking street with artists, cheap souvenirs and eating places, city fountains and modern monuments. Transfer to Tashkent international airport.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: No accommodation
Meals: Breakfast
  • Independence Square.jpg

    Independence Square

  • Navoi Theater Square.jpg

    Navoi Theater Square

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  • Shared accommodations in well located, tourist to superior class hotels include breakfast, service charge and government tax.

  • All entrance fees(shuttle bus) sightseeing; excursions and activities as per the itinerary

  • Domestic flights and 2nd class express train listed in the itinerary

  • Private friendly and professional English-Speaking guides (French, Italy, Russian, German can be arranged per your request)

  • Visa support letter for you to apply Chinese visa easily.

  • Travel and health insurance when travel with us.

  • 8, A 24/7 helpline while you are traveling.


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  • We will upgrade trains to 1st class where available if book the tour 5 months in advance of departure.

  • There is no problem to travel Silk Road during Ramadan.

  • Complimentary 2 bottles of water each person on daily use.


We will use business MPV to luxurious coaches and trains.


All the hotels we selected are 4-5star well-located in the city center with good and proper breakfast for our clients.


Our guides are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. And our group tours will be escorted from SRT.

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Generally speaking Mid March—End Oct are the best time to visit Silk Road. And we strongly suggest you come in May, June, October to avoid the heat and crowd. No need to worry about high altitude along the Silk Road. We will prepare Oxygen bags if the package includes Xiahe, Qinghai Lake and Taxkorgan County.

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