Hiking in the Karakul Lake

   Hiking in Karakul Lake to explore the beautiful landscape. Karakul Lake can be reached at the Subash Village, Aktao County, on the 312 State Highway 192 km away from Kashgar City. "Karakuli" means“black lake" in the Uyghur language, and it is from these dark abyssal waters that it gets its name. Two lakes are linked by a creek and look like two sisters hand in hand. So it was given the nickname "Sister lake". The altitude of the lake is about 3600 meters above the sea level and the water is about 30 meters deep. From a far distance, the surface of the lake reflects silvery light, but when you approach the lake, Karakuli becomes very quiet and solemn.


   Karakul is still a discolored lake. The weather has a great impact on water. When it is gloomy, there may be no special water in the lake. On sunny days, especially in the morning, the lake will show a completely different rich color. The lake reflects the holy Muztagh, a classic image in photography.

   Around the lake there are about ten thousand Kirgiz people live their hard mountain life by herding their sheep, goats, yaks, camels, cows, and horses. you can experience the life of Kirgiz people by staying at their yurt or stone houses up in high altitudes.

   If you like to trek we Uighur tour organize a couple of days of mountain treks around these splendid mountains with unforgettable memories by came, horse or by yourself. Also, base camp trek to Mountain Muztagata 7546m altitude is 4800 if you are a high land trekker. It takes around 3-4 hours on foot for complete circle hiking


   The shadows of grand Mustagh Peak, Gonger Peak, and Gongerjiubie Peaks are seen in the lake, presenting a special landscape combining land and water. The lake and the peaks reflect the charming and beauty to each other. When it is quiet, the blue lake water looks like a huge mirror, when it is cloudy and lightening, the blue water will turn to ebony and become black. And when it is in the time of sunrise every day, the lake will change in color constantly from bright blue to light yellow and pink, offering a sense of fairyland.

   Muztgata Peak, located on the Pamirs of south xinjiang, is one of the peaks of kunlun mountains ranges. 7719 meters above the sea level. the depth of the ice and snow accumulated on the summit is about 100-200meters. And 16 glacier tongues that go down from the peak, and the longest one, 21 kilometers long, lies on the eastern slope, the elevation of the glacier tongues here is 5300 meters. The glacies tongues on the western slope, 20 kilometers long, have their end of the tongues between 4000 to 4500 meters. The snowline on the northern slope is 5500 meters long and that on the southern 5800 meters plateau

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