Top Kashgar Attractions

Kashgar, with a population of over 500,000, has served as a trading post and strategically important city on the Silk Road between China, the Middle East, and Europe for more than 2,000 decades. We will provide you with a list of Kashgar Attractions and other points of interest sites in and around Kashgar, which includes both historical and natural tourist sites for domestic and foreign tourists.

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Id Kah Mosque

Located next to the main entrances to the "Old Town" area, the Id Kah Mosque is a famous landmark in Kashgar. In front of the Mosque is a large public square where people leisurely walk through and enjoy the surroundings, which is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the scenery.

Shipton Arch

The attraction is about 65 kms from Kashgar City and is recommended by ADVENTURE magazine as one of the 25 latest exploration routes in the world. It is suitable for any ages to go hiking here as new ladders were made for climbing to the base of the arch.

Kashgar Sunday Bazaar

If you are interested in observing local people, authentic trade, tasting very good, and fresh local fast food - you should come here. The fascinating bazaar is where horses, sheep, donkeys, goats, yaks, and cows are bought and sold. You can see lots of hard negotiations going on between the local folks.

The Stone City

Located in the north of Taxkorgan County, Kashgar, Xinjiang, Stone City, with a history over 2,000 years old, is ruins of a significant ancient castle at the junction of the middle route and southern route of the ancient Silk Road. Besides ruins, you can also enjoy the view around, such as the surrounding snow-crowned mountains, grasslands, rivers, and even the flavor of the Tajik people's national traits.

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