Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing is a city of contrasts, the ancient alleyways are known as hutongs criss-cross the city, offering charming tea houses and quiet courtyards for visitors, the futuristic structures of titanium and glass cast their shadow over ancient palaces. Friendly and hardworking, the city's population of about 20 million is also diverse. Wizened men with pet songbirds share the streets with laptop-toting executives and foreign investors with migrants from the countryside. Along with its people, historical sights and vibrancy, Beijing's drawing cards include its mouth-watering cuisine, fabulous shopping and thriving nightlife. In recent years, Beijing has extended its visa-free transit policy from 72 hours to 144 hours, making entry easier for visitors. In short, thrilling and unforgettable experience awaits visitors in Beijing.Trip cannot be complete until you cannot visit its capital. The capital, Beijing has over 20 million residents, it's also considered as the  economical and cultural hub of China. Beijing has Boasting historical attractions that few other cities can match. However, this doesn't mean that it's shackled to the past. Quite the contrary, Beijing is a dynamic international capital that's moving toward the future at hyper-speed. Thanks to its roaring economy, skyscrapers crowd the skyline, cars jam the roads and residents flock to spend at a frenetic pace. 

Experiences not to be missed in Beijing:

  • Beijing is a most visiting city for travelers who come to China for the first time.

  • If you are a fan of Chinese imperial culture, go to the Forbidden City and Summer Palace;

  • If you want to admire one of the greatest wonders of the world, climb the Great Wall of China;

  • If you are interested in local neighbourhood life, Beijing hutongs will not let you down.

Travel in Beijing:

  • Transportation:

Beijing is a major transportation hub with daily connections by flights and trains to other destinations in China. Transportation options within the city are likewise plentiful. Buying tickets to other places during the holidays can be difficult, so make sure you are planed. Beijing Transportation.

  • Local Food:

Interested in tasting the authentic food? Beijing cuisine has a rich tradition and a rich menu of distinctive dishes, Peking Roast Duck and the Imperial Court Food are highly recommended. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a variety of gourmet restaurants offering the very best of Chinese and western dishes. Read more about Local Cuisine in Beijing.

  • Pay Attention 

Plan your holiday and there is something you should pay attention to avoid unnecessary problems when you travel to Beijing. Here we prepare Beijing Travel Tips for you.

Best Time to Visit Beijing

Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Beijing for warm-weather activities is from Spring and autumn, the weather is the most favourable of the year at that period. Autumn is dry with strong winds and Winter can dip down to -15 degree Celsius. Summer is hot but dry and temperatures average around the high 30 degree Celsius. See more

Beijing Accomodation:

Accommodation is an important part of travel, we will provide a comfortable and warm hotel during your Beijing trip. Here, we listed three hotels for reference.

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Beijing Travel Tips

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