Yunnan Travel Guide

R-C低.pngThe Map of Yunnan

Yunnan, derived its name from a very beautiful legend, means “the south of colorful clouds”. You may witness the colorful clouds coming up over the hills in the morning or evening in Yunnan when weather permits. This lovely places located in the southwestern frontier of China, and bordered with 3 mysterious southeastern Asia countries – Laos, Myanmar (or Burma) and Vietnam. Neighboring with Tibet, Sichuan and Guizhou province, most parts of Yunnan are in mountain and plateau regions. The famed Shangri-La in the northwest mountain area of Yunnan attracts millions of travelers from all over the world every year.


Chinese:    云南 Yunnan 

                Area: 394,100 square kilometers

Time Zone:   UTC+8 

                Population: about 46,930,000                           (2023)

Location:    Southwest China 

                Climate: Subtropical Monsoon                                  Climate, Tropical Monsoon Cli                                 mate, Plateau Mountain Climate

Post Code:   650000-674600 

                Administration Type: Non-auto                          nomous region

Area Code:    (+86)0871-0887 

                 Annual Rainfall: 1173.8mm


 Yunnan Travel Resources

Stunning Travel Attractions

Yunnan, located in southwest China, is a significant hub between South and Southeast Asia, boasting pleasant weather and rich natural landscapes. Long renowned as a top province for culture and tourism in China, Yunnan is a famous tourist destination known for attractions such as Dali, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, and Shangri-La. 

石林.jpgThe Stone Forest

Yunnan is famous for its rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, snow-capped mountains, terraces, ancient towns and temples. Norththern Yunnan (滇北) is famous for its natural scenery. The famed cities Shangri-La (香格里拉), Lijiang (丽江), Shaotong(邵通 ), Qujing (曲靖), etc. The north of Yunnan is generally high in elevation, low in temperature, and mostly high in terrain, with the famous Meili Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain. If you are lucky enough, you can see the golden sunshine. There is also the old town of Lijiang, which makes you feel different national culture. Central Yunnan(滇中) is like spring all year round, where you can ride around the Erhai Sea, go to the Dianchi Lake to feed the seagulls and go to hot sea soaking hot springs, Enjoy the joy of nature. Southern Yunnan(滇南) is famous for its tropical rainforests - Xishuangbanna, where the temperature is higher than other places. Therefore, it forms its unique natural scenery. If you come to southern Yunnan, you are welcome to drink Pu-erh tea with mellow taste.

Unique Cultural Heritage

Yunnan is known for its unique cultural heritage, which attracts tourists with its diversity and richness. Each ethnic group has contributed its unique culture to this place. From the lively water-splashing festival of Dai to the solemn ceremonies of Yi, Yunnan has become a melting pot of cultures. One of the most striking aspects of the cultural heritage of Yunnan is its ancient historical sites and architecture. The Dali Ancient City, with its imposing city walls and intricate carvings, transports visitors back in time to the days of the Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms. Lijiang Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is enchanted with its well-preserved wooden structures and meandering cobblestone streets, offering a glimpse into the architectural splendor of ancient China. 

Seasonality & Weather

云南多年平均气温.jpgAnnual mean temperature of Yunnan

Yunnan is an ideal tourist destination for all year round. Kunming enjoys the reputation of “Spring City”, which means climate there is very lovely like in spring throughout the year.

While since Yunnan is quite large, the weather in different regions presents different features, though generally speaking, warm and wet. Yunnan can be roughly divided into 3 parts and each of them has separate weather pattern. The northwestern part is best between May and October, when weather is not cold with blossoming flowers. Central Yunnan is at its most pleasant between March and October, when the interesting ethnic festivals are mainly held during this time. The south, from October to next May is the perfect time to visit, when the heat wave is absent, humidity is lower and the weather is pleasant.

When is the Best Time to Yunnan

The weather in Yunnan vary from region to region. In general, it has 3 climate types, Tropical monsoon climate, subtropical monsoon climate and alpine climate.

Northwest: Long winter and very short summer with spring and autumn days last only 4 to 5 months in between. Large temperature difference between day and night, especially in the high-altitude regions, so jacket is recommended even not in winter.

Central Area: Climate is quite pleasant in all the four seasons. No significant change of temperature. Light coat with T-shirt in summer and thicker coat with shirt in the other seasons could be enough.

South: Summer is extremely hot in southern Yunnan and usually with monsoon and heavy rain. Therefore, avoiding traveling during summer time is a wise choice. Come between October and next May and enjoy the warm sunlight when strolling around. Light coat and T-shirt are recommended.

Temperature Difference in Four Seasons in Yunnan




















Yunnan Travel Essentials - Travel To Yunnan Before You Go

Planning a trip to Yunnan? Here are some essential tips to make your journey smooth and memorable. 

·First and foremost, ensure you have all your travel documents in order, including your passport, travel insurance, and any other necessary permits. It’s also a good idea to make copies of these documents and keep them in a separate place for emergencies.

·Next, familiarize yourself with the local customs and culture. Yunnan is known for its diverse ethnic groups and its unique traditions. Show respect for the local customs and traditions to make a positive impression and enhance your travel experience.

·When packing for your trip, remember to pack according to the season. The climate in Yunnan can vary greatly depending on the region and time of year, so check the weather forecast before you luggage. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as Yunnan is a destination best explored on foot.

·Foreign visitors to Yunnan should also consider converting their money into yuan in advance. There may not be cash machines in the countryside, so keep a little cash in your wallet.

·Health and safety should also be a top priority. Before traveling, make sure you get the necessary vaccinations and bring a basic first aid kit. Some areas of Yunnan are relatively high in altitude, so it is best to prepare oxygen cylinders for emergencies. Be careful when trying new foods, and only drink bottled or boiled water to avoid causing stomach problems.

·Lastly, do some research on the must-see attractions in Yunnan. From the stunning landscapes of Shangri-La to the ancient town of Lijiang, Yunnan is full of unique sights and experiences. Plan your itinerary to make the most of your time in this beautiful province.

By following these travel essentials, you’ll be well-prepared to explore the wonders of Yunnan and create unforgettable memories along the way. Safe travels!

Must-see Sights in Yunnan

0122785da33e03a801204cd02e1aba.jpg@1280w_1l_2o_100sh.jpgThe Dukezhong Old City   

Along the ancient Tea Horse Road, there are many excellent attractions dotted around. The most far and "dangerous" places are always the home of the most beautiful scenery. People living there absorded both the beauties and temperaments of nature showing us  "where you live makes who you are". Let's have a look at where to go when travel to Yunnan.

In the northwest of Yunnan, Tibetan, Lisu, Yi and Naxi people have been living there for thousands of years. You will experience the life style of them in Dukezong Old CitySongzanglin Monastery and Tongle Lisu Village. All of them are the representatives of Yunnan ethnic culture landscapes. Pudacuo National Park, Napa Lake and Tiger Leaping Gorge are showing the beauties of the remote Shangri-La to travelers all over the world.         

142476260_1555337386410_mthumb.jpgThe Lijang Ancient City

Walking through Tiger Leaping Gorge, central Yunnan is right before you. Lijiang Ancient Town cannot be missed out, where to see traditional Naxi architecture and Mu Family. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the landmark of Lijiang which can be observed from any corner of Lijiang city. Dali is another place to discover the old towns of Yunnan. Dali Old Town and Shaxi Old Town are both excellent spots for you to know the life of Bai people. Cangshan Mountain & Erhai Lake is the center of Dali. On a summer afternoon, take a leisurely stroll by the side of Erhai Lake, where to have a cup of tea or coffee to enjoy your leisure time.     

R-C (3).jpgThe Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Transfer in Kunming, which is the capital city of Yunnan, also known as the "Spring City", is a vibrant city. You can reach the southeastern part of Yunnan. Jianshui Old City has become the “new star” of Yunnan travel. Different from other famous cities or towns in Yunnan, JIanshui is an Han style old city with lots of historic relics. Go further south, Yuanyang Rice Terraces in the hinterland of Ailao Mountain has amazed countless photographers and travelers for its splendid beauty. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply relaxing in a beautiful setting, Kunming has something to offer for every traveler. Enjoy your time in this enchanting city and create unforgettable memories!

1616738915633200.jpgThe Pudacuo National Park

Shangri-La enjoys cool summers and mild winters, making it a perfect year-round destination. The iconic Pudacuo National Park showcases diverse ecosystems with pristine lakes and lush forests, attracting nature lovers and hikers. The ancient Songzanlin Monastery, often referred to as "Little Potala Palace," offers a glimpse into Tibetan culture and history. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings while admiring the stunning architecture. The harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage makes Shangri-La a must-visit destination for travelers seeking both serenity and adventure.

Yunnan Travel Attraction

Whether you seek adventure in the rugged landscapes or tranquility in the serene lakes, Yunnan’s tourist attractions promise to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.


官渡古镇.jpgThe Guandu Antient Town

Kunming is known as “Spring City”, not only because of its four-season climate but also for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant tourism resources. In Kunming, most of the attractions are suitable for walking, taking a leisurely walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, or jogging to feel the refreshing breeze. You can also explore the diverse ethnic cultures of Yunnan by visiting the Yunnan Nationalities Village and Guandu Ancient Town. Here, you can appreciate the historical and cultural flavors and experience various Yunnan ethnic minority customs and cultures. You can try the local food, purchase specialty handicrafts, participate in folk activities, and visit local cultural sites and traditional buildings. Embrace the diverse culture of Yunnan.


洱海.jpg                           The Erhai Lake

There is no more romantic place in Dali than the Erhai Lake. You can ride around the Erhai Lake, enjoy the stunning scenery, walk and stop, and feel the slow rhythm of Dali. You can also pitch a tent with your friends at the Longkan Pier and watch the sunrise together. And Cangshan Mountain is 3074-4122 meters above sea level, and not only is the view at the foot of the mountain pleasant, but the scenery on the mountain is even more worth seeing. The ancient city of Dali, facing the Erhai Sea and backed by the Cangshan Mountain, has a history of nearly 1,000 years. The walls of the entire town are littered with colorful tiles and cobblestones, giving the ancient city a rustic and elegant look. There is also the Congsheng Temples& Three Pagodas, the only 5A scenic spot in Dali, which is known as the first temple of Han Buddhism, and is the symbol and icon of Dali.


100r1600000106f1zD00A.jpgThe Buddhist Temple

The tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna is home to ancient trees, and stepping inside feels like immersing yourself in a sea of exotic flowers and trees. This area is reminiscent of Southwest Asia, with Thai architecture houses that blend Thai and Southwest Asian styles. Most of the popular attractions in this region are parks. Manting Park is one of the oldest in Xishuangbanna and boasts a natural village setting. If you are interested in the lively Water Splashing Festival,  please walk to the Water Splashing Square in Dai Garden. Additionally, you can get up close and interact with elephants to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature and the miracle of life.


01d847554297f20000019ae9860364.jpg@1280w_1l_2o_100sh.jpgThe Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Walking into Lijiang Ancient Town is like stepping into a painting. The attractions of Lijiang centered on Lijiang Ancient Town, which has preserved its ancient architectural and street style, along with the unique Naxi culture and history. If you want to explore the beauty of Lijiang, you can visit the towering Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. At the foot of the mountain lies a serene and pure lake called Lanyue Valley, which seems to cleanse the soul and bring happiness to the heart. The dense pine trees surrounding the lake make the Lanyue Valley breathtakingly beautiful.


31b571c87a5a1f37.jpg_r_720x400x95_3fef5def.jpgThe Meili Snow Mountain

Shangri-La has been the synonymous of earthly paradise ever since it is depicted by English author James Hilton in his book Lost Horizon. "Shangri- La" is actually a transliteration of a word meaning "the moon and sun in the mind" in Tibet. Occasionaly, although James Hilton did not kown at the time he wrote his book, Shangri-La is truly a name of a city in Yunnan. Then accordingly, the name of the city was change from "Zhongdian" to "Shangri- La". Shangri-la attracts tourists from all over the world with its views of Dukezong Ancient Town, Songzanlin Temple, and Meili Snow Mountain.

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