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Northeast China, located in the Northeast Plain, is surrounded by the Greater Khingan Mountains, Lesser Khingan Mountains, and Changbai Mountains. It faces Beijing across the Yanshan Mountains and borders North Korea and Russia. Northeast China includes not only Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces, but also five league cities in the eastern region of Inner Mongolia. Jiamusi, the easternmost place in China, and Mohe, the northernmost place in China, are both in this region.

In winter, walk into the snowy silver world; in autumn; stroll among the forests where red leaves fall; and in summer, come here to cool off. “Migratory-like tourism” let you feel a special life in Northeast China. Immerse yourself in the vast expanse of Hulunbuir Grassland; Cross the Greater Khingan Mountains to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way; Attend a Bonfire Party and admire Mongolian folk songs and dances; Get up close to and pet the reindeer while experiencing the life of a hunter in Aoluguya Hunter Village; Be fascinated by the mysterious Mohe North Pole Village; And lose yourselves in the Changbai Mountain, with fresh air, blue sky and clear water. In addition, wander around the small city of Manzhouli, feel the unique beauty of the architecture blending Chinese and foreign styles, or try the northern bathing culture, take a walk along the beautiful Songhua River at night, enjoy the sunset, and feel the cool breeze on your face. All of these is sure to refresh your mood and spirit.

Here embraces not only the farming culture of Man and Han nationalities, but also the nomadic culture of the Mongolian people as well as the fishing and hunting culture of the northern nationality. It is an area where various ethnic cultures blend. Whether you like natural scenery or cultural history, you can find much fun and memories in these attractions. During the trip, slow down yourself and experience the unique charm and cultural heritage of Northeast China.

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