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China is the most diversified country in the world. Not only do dialects vary from south to north, but also cruise, customers, culture are different in places. Let's find out the charming variety. As people say diversity holds us together. Isolation departs us away.

With the start of Beijing, a centre of China, and the place with Forbidden Palace, the Great Wall, Tian'anmen Square, Bird's nest, Beijing Opera, Laoshe Tea House, and first-class universities integrate to tell stories in a long history. Hanging around the city, tourists probably get lost in the mixture of old and new architectures, Hutong inns and Kempinski Hotel, McDonald's, and local food. Keeping changes is the leading melody of Beijing. 

The next stop is to visit the west of China. Although Xinjiang is the furthest place from the seas, it is a land with 47 ethnic groups and natural & human-made wonders. Exploring Heavenly LakeKarez Irrigation System, Bayinbuluk Prairie, and Hemu Village are not enough. It must include Kashgar Old Town, an ancient city with profound nature and essence of Uighur culture, to understand the unique lifestyles and customs of the local people. 

Surely, Tibet is one of the most inviting places worthy to be visited of China tour for the well known Polata Palace, Jokhang Temple, natural wonders lake-Yamdrok Lake, the highest peak of Mount Everest, and Luliang Forest Seas along the way to Linzhi. From North to South, the beauty of Tibet shows us by its north Gobi and south lake valley, which are all breath taken away. 

Down to the south of China, where are completely different places from the north. Hubei, located in the north of Dongting River, famous for the Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wudang Mountain, Three Gorges, and Shennongjia, etc with long culture and profound heritage so that the land attracts many tourists all over the world to visit.

China is so dynamic and diversifying. Prepare well before visiting all sides and leaving yourself enough time for the grand China tour. We, Xinjiang International Travel Agent, will be honored for making the trip for you. 

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