Silk Road Tours in Central Asia

Great Silk Road Tours to Central Asia Countries are the most popular travel routes now. Central Asia is the transit point of the Ancient Silk Road between the East and West. There are numerous well-known historical sites and culture relics are better preserved today for us to explore and enjoy.
Kazakhstan crosses the Asia and Europe. Amazed by the diverse culture and lifestyle. The national flower of Tulip can be visited all the year round.
Uzbekistan is the treasure of Silk Road displays the unique culture and architectures. The Islamic Mosque of Medieval times, the ancient cities of 2000 years old, the famous trading posts of Khiva and Bukhara, which bring you to the different world.
Kyrgyzstan is the country not only experience the traditional nomadic life in the magnificent mountains and valleys, but the history of the Silk Road. We promise you the excellent holiday with unique culture experience.

Best Silk Road Tours in Central Asia

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