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Ningxia has been a fortress in the northwest since ancient times. It has a long history and is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, and also an important part of the northern route of the Silk Road. Since ancient times, the collision and development of the Central Plains culture and the nomadic lifestyle in the north have bred Ningxia's colorful and different styles of humanistic tourism resources, Xixia culture, Islamic culture, immigration culture, and other shows us the historical panorama of Ningxia from ancient times to the present. It is a condensed chapter of western civilization and history.

At present, Ningxia has formed several major tourist areas such as Shapotou, Western XiXia Imperial Tombs, Liupan Mountain, and Qingtongxia. The majestic desert scenery, the ancient Yellow River culture, and the mysterious Xixia dynasty welcome the arrival of tourists from all over the place.

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