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Jiangxi is an amazing land with numerous stunning natural landscapes and cultural relics. Because of the long and profound history, Jiangxi has bred its unique humanity spirits.

If you are a mountain lover and prefer the Lush mountain with all year round green plantation covered, then Jiangxi should be on your list! The best natural resort Mt. Lu, the sacred place of Taoism Mt. Sanqing and the Taoist mountain Mt. Longhu with unique Danxia landscape are all the ideal places to feel the beauty of nature and breathe with the forest.

If you desire the peaceful pastoral life, Jiangxi will also satisfy you with the scenery of little bridge, murmuring brook, rural cottages. Wuyuan is regarded as the most beautiful village in China as whenever you come you will be stunned by its unique beauty. The cole blossom in spring, the rice wave in rice terraces in summer, the harvest scenery in autumn, the snow scenery in winter. Wuyuan could realize your dream about the poetry of life!

If Chinese culture especially South Yangtze River culture deeply attracts you, Jiangxi is also the essential part of Hui culture. There are numerous celebrities in the history of Jiangxi that have changed the history of China. When the Confucianism culture prevailed in China, Jiangxi was one of the centers of exchanging different thoughts; when come to the modern China, Jiangxi was once the red capital of China and many of the notable events in the history of Chinese Communist Party happened in this magic land.

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Best Jiangxi Tours

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