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West China, the most mysterious part of China with various tour resources, especially tour for traditional Chinese cultures and ethnic groups, is attractive for its breathless scenes, which could not be found in the plain. Follow the Silk Road, to explore the mysteries of China, and to experience different cultures of Chinese ethnic groups in the west.

Western China consists of Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang, Yunnan, and Guizhou, offering diverse landscapes and exotic cultures. West China Tour tells you what such an unbelievable picture exists in the world. Yunnan, a place full of fascinating cultures and beautiful tale; Sichuan, the hometown of Panda; Tibet, the closest place to heaven; Qinghai lake, the largest lake in China; Xinjiang, the central hub for the ancient Silk Road, what such the impressive Uygur customs here; Dunhuang, a representative of the Silk Road, what such the desert and gobi here. Besides the above, west China also included many other destinations, such as Ningxia, for you to explore. 

With the lowest population density in China, West China still manages to have 44 ethnic minorities. It's a region that's unlike the rest of China. It's also a good place for the curious world wanderers to experience a variety of cultures and lifestyles. It is the place you must go if you are waiting for the breathless views to amaze you! Go to West China!

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