Silk Road Review

June 08th 2020 16:40:00

Silk Road Reviews - What Our Customer Say about Silk Road Tour


Review submitted 19th June 2019

Everything is OK. Our guide Nick is a nice guy telling beautiful stories and jokes. 
Thank you for the refund. It was a pity that we could not visit Yardan.  May be next time.

De Groot

Review submitted 5th July 2018

We are at the end of this part of the Silk Road trip. We will continue into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and so on
here are some thoughts:
Organization: superb - everything was very well organized from the very start to the very end.
Guides: All good
the hardest working: the lady in Dunhuang. They were long days.
the most welcoming: the lady/ and her driver in Kyrgistan. They went the extra mile: stopping for local drink, taking us to local restaurants,  and more.
Hotels: All of good quality BUT we do not actually like large industrial scale hotels; so our favourites by far were the little ones: The small hotel in Turpan with very friendly staff and an outdoor courtyard restaurant. They Yurt and Homestay in Kyrgistan.
Sights: we saw lots and could not have asked for more.

Thank YOU for everything.


Review submitted 8th November 2017

The Silk Road tour you organised was every thing I wanted. It covered the main attractions of the route we chose, and the hotels were also very nice.
The tour guides are all very friendly and knowledgeable, and hope to meet them in the future.


Review submitted 6th June 2019

We saw and learned a lot on the journey. Very enjoyable. Use both high speed train and private car as transportation is a good idea.


Review submitted 8th May 2018

With Lesley efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility, she got my sister and me onto a private tour within 2 weeks of first contact. 
This trip has surprising, amazing and wonderful as i did minimum research on the tour and agent. I just went with my guts to engage Lesley. I would absolutely come back for the other parts of china in future. 
No words can describe the service, tours and sights that we have been put up and seen. It was a trip of a life time and i would definitely recommend Lesley to anyone for her service and the itinerary that she has planned. With the Birthday surprise, constant checking on our comfort through the trip and stepping in to help us with our flight, i cant thank her enough and am very grateful that Lesley is always there to help us.
Lesley is an above and beyond agent that 5 stars rating is not enough!!


Review submitted 6th May 2018

Many thanks to Lesley of China SilkRoad Travel for planning and putting this itinerary together for us. She was very prompt and responsive to our questions and assisted us during our trip when we had issues with airport check-in (even thought it was not a matter concerning tour package). Thanks for arranging for the birthday surprise as well! Trip wise, it was packed with the key attractions for the route we took An eye opening experience facilitated by friendly, informative, good English-speaking local guides. Must mind to pack snacks or take heavy breakfast as lunch may be skipped. The driver and guide took good care of us and made sure the road trips and transfers were as comfortable and smooth as they could be. At Kashgar, guide also acceded our request to visit a livestock market which was not in the original plan. Blessed and best decision we made for going with China Silk Road Travel.


Review submitted 8th April 2018

This was one of our best holidays, a Silk Road private tour. Lesley took great care in accommodating our requests at the planning stage and always responded to emails promptly. We had a rather complicated itinerary, with 7 stops, as many different hotels, 6 high speed train journeys, all in 10 days, and with 5 different sets of Guide and Driver. Everything worked like clockwork. Excellent choice of itinerary, great hotels and very helpful and experienced guides and drivers The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend booking private Silk Road tours with this company.