How to book Your Silk Road Tour

February 21st 2019 20:58:00

As the Silk Road Tour operators and Experts in China, it is very easy to book your holiday with us online. We will bring you a life-time adventure to this ancient route.

Step 1:  Choose a tour 
Read our tour plans and itineraries on our website, choose the one you are interested.
Step 2:  First Enquiry with your detailed tour plan (Response in 24 hours)
Communicate with our online travel consultant or send us an E-mail with your detailed tour plan. please note every route can be tailor-made based on your requirements and preference.
Step 3:  Propose an itinerary with quote
Travel consultant of will be in response within 24 hours with a proposal of itinerary and quote. 
Step 4:  Feedback with your modifying requirement 
Feedback E-mail with your suggestions, opinions, or other requirements.
Step 5:  Communicate interactively & revised itinerary with new quote
Staff of will be in response in 24 hours with revised itinerary and quote. You are welcome to communicate with our travel consultant from time to time until we reach agreement. 
Step 6:  Final itinerary & Quote 
Once we come to the agreement, will provide you the final itinerary and quote with an invitation letter of reserving confirmation, and our bank information. 
Step 7:  Accept our proposal and sign on the letter of reservation confirmation; deposit
When you agree with our proposal, you are suggested to sign on the letter of reservation confirmation, and pay the deposit through bank transfer or deliver your personal credit card information(See PAYMENT methods here). 
Step 8:  Receive your confirmation letter & deposit, Start preparing your tour plan 
When we receive your confirmation letter and deposit, will start preparing your tour plan. But the process of your tour plan preparation depends on how early we receive your acceptance of confirmation letter and deposit. 
Step 9:  Balance payment 
You are suggested to pay the balance payment on time according to your reservation confirmation. Any delayed balance payment may lead to bad mistakes, and does Not take the responsibility.  
Step 10:  Notice Letter with detailed tour information
Once finishes the preparation of your tour plan, we will deliver you a notice Letter with the detailed tour information, like the flight No., the time and place of departure and arrival, the name and phone number of your tour guide and some other necessary contacts, etc. When you receive our notice letter, you are required to tell us the arrival of our notice letter by faxing us or sending an E-mail (preferred).