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Fujian tours will take you to a stunning coastal province in southeastern China with a rich maritime history.

Fujian boasts an array of UNESCO World Heritage sites showcasing cultural wonders like the historical Gulangyu Island, the traditional Fujian Tulou buildings, and the ancient city of Quanzhou, a maritime Silk Road port. Additionally, Wuyi Mountain is a dual World Natural & Cultural Heritage site. Xiapu, a lesser-known gem, offers China's most picturesque coastline, making it a photographer's paradise.  Top Attractions in Fujian>>

How to plan a Fujian Tour?A classic tour of Fujian typically encompasses three of its most coveted destinations: Xiamen, Fujian Tulou, and Wuyi Mountain. Commonly, one to two days are spent in Xiamen, exploring its urban charm and coastal beauty. Following that, you'll journey to the Fujian Tulou to wander through these ancient villages. Lastly, Wuyi Mountain, where you'll immerse yourself in nature for two to three days, taking in its serene peaks and lush forests. 

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We will present the most amazing parts of Fujian to you with the best service and price! Group tours here are well-planned with selective sights and activities praised highly by travelers. Scroll down to find the tour that interests you most and contact us to start your unforgettable Fujian tour!

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