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Dunhuang has a long history and brilliant culture. It had developed to be a famous frontier town and a well-known art center on the Silk Road. Since the Great Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty established Dunhuang Prefecture in 112BC, Yangguan Pass and Yumenguan Pass started to stand around it. Meeting this historical opportunity. There were significant changes in Dunhuang, where people lived a nomadic life for hundreds of years in the past.

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There are hundreds of historical sites passed down from ancient times, such as the Yangguan Pass, the Yumenguan Pass, the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty, the old town of Dunhuang.

Fire Beacon, etc. They all are the historical testimonies solidified and cultural relics accumulated in the past and have marked the past brilliance of Dunhuang. The unique natural landscapes, including the Echoing Sand Mountain(Mingsha Shan) and Crescent Moon Lake, Yadan Landforms, are created by nature exquisitely and miraculously, and they have formed a delightful contrast with humanmade cultural views for a long time.

If we go to Dunhuang on a road trip instead of taking a flight, we will surely suffer a long journey, but it is also enjoyable. The highway from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang is 383 km. Because the Gobi Desert is endless and there are no obstacles, cars can travel at a speed of 100 km/t at high speed. Often in the course of walking, the horizon ahead will appear Lake water, tree shadow scenery. The lake and the trees seemed to stop at the background forever and could not be approached in half an hour. It is a mirage that a kind of illusion that appeared in the desert.

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The reputation of a national historical and well-known cultural city has been accumulated for two thousand years. Dunhuang is known both at home and abroad for occupying the key of the ancient Silk Road and possessing the famous Mogao Grottoes. Along a hard and challenging journey of gobi desert and with jade and other products carried by camels and donkeys, foreigners entered at Yangguan Pass and Yumenguan Pass in the western Chinese regions. They arrived in Chang' an as the capital of the west and Luoyang as the east capital through Dunhuang. At present, Dunhuang is attracting more and more tourists every year for its history and typical geological location. In mind of the people, Dunhuang is a real shrine. And as a significant stop-off city on the Silk Road.

Area: 31,200 square km

Population: 180,000 (2008)

Postal Code: 736200

Phone Area Code: 0937

Time in Dunhuang: the same as Beijing time, GMT+8

Why Visit Dunhuang (Things to Do)

When you arrive at the Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang, you will go for a camel ride and experience the feeling of the camel team marching in the desert. The sound of camel bells is a must-play item for every tourist. Ride a camel from the gate up the mountain to the peak of Mingsha Mountain, and then back to Crescent Spring.

There is another project worth experiencing---Sand Skiing. It takes less than a minute to slide down from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. This feeling you must want to experience.

Dunhuang Painting and Art Gallery is the place that you can take a break from the heat in the air-conditioned haven of an exhibition center next to the Mogao Grottoes. Take a break and use the restroom and while you're there, make use of the opportunity for cultural enrichment. The Dunhuang Grotto Art Protection Center gives you a chance to learn more about the Mogao Caves either before or after you go. If you take a look before you go, you could get a chance to learn more about the caves you will soon enter.

Travel in Dunhuang


Among all the Transportation of Dunhuang, the railway is the most popular way to Dunhuang. Also, air and city transportation is part of Dunhuang traffic network


Dunhuang Local Products and Handicrafts best are the replicas of mural, paintings, and calligraphy found at the caves. Dunhuang is not only a tourist destination but also a shopping paradise where you can find numerous souvenirs and special products.

Local Cuisine

Dunhuang local cuisine is more likely to be added mutton, chicken and beef. They are good at making noodles. Another feature of Dunhuang food is the spiciness, characteristic of Sichuan Cuisine. This spicy and flexible food is a must-eat whenever you pay a visit to the city. See more about Dunhuang Local Cuisine

Pay Attention

The travel advice of traveling to Dunhuang will give you a reference to avoid troubles or problems during your trip. Here we prepare the Travel Advice for you

Best Time to Visit Dunhuang


The best time to visit Dunhuang is from April to October. In the summer the sun is very strong so sunscreen is essential. In winter it's very cold so bring plenty of warm clothes. Dunhuang has a dry climate, high altitudes, and strong ultraviolet rays. It is best to bring some sun protection travel essentials include sunglasses, caps, and sunblocks due to the strong sunshine. It is advisable to bring some commonly used medicine to Dunhuang for travel. See more

Where to Stay

Accommodation is an important part of travel, Dunhuang Hotels will provide the good value rooms are clean, comfortable and offer high-speed Internet access.

Dunhuang Tour Packages and Offers

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    17 Days Tibet & Silk Road Tour from Dunhuang to Everest Camp

    Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Zhangye - Lanzhou - Xining - Chaka - Lhasa - Shigatse - Rongbuk - Everest Camp

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  • 18 Days Silk Road Travel from Xi’an to Dunhuang

    18 Days Silk Road Travel from Xi’an to Dunhuang

    Xi’an - Tianshui - Lanzhou - Xiahe - Wuwei - Zhangye - Badan Jaran - Jiayuguan - Kara Khoto - Dunhuang

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  • 11 Days Silk Road Tour from Xi'an to Urumqi

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  • 10 Days Silk Road Tour from Kashgar to Xi'an

    10 Days Silk Road Tour from Kashgar to Xi'an


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  • 7 Days Silk Road Group Tour to Gansu & Qinghai

    7 Days Silk Road Group Tour to Gansu & Qinghai

    Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Zhangye - Xining - Chaka

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  • Travel to Gansu & Xinjiang by bullet train

    Travel to Gansu & Xinjiang by bullet train

    Zhangye - Dunhuang - Hami - Balikun Grassland - Turpan - Urumqi

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