Travel Advice

   The travel advice of traveling to Dunhuang will give you a reference to avoid troubles or problems during your trip

●   Mogao Grottoes are forbidden to take photos, it is best to bring a flashlight when visiting, and the caves are not open on rainy days.

●   The temperature differences are sharp between day and night, it is easy to catch a cold. A warm and wind-proof jacket will help when you visit Dunhuang during any time in the year.

●   Respect the local customs. There are some ethnic minorities in Dunhuang, especially there are many ethnic minority snacks in the Dunhuang Night Market. It is the biggest taboo in Hui nationalities’ lives that they do not eat pork. And must not be offended to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

●   With a long journey from one spot to another, long ride time, and long train time. To avoid boredom, it is a good choice to prepare food, poker, etc. People with motion sickness must have their motion sickness medicine ready. Do not wear sandals or leather shoes. A pair of comfortable, close-fitting and easy-to-walk shoes is also very important.

●   Don't travel alone in the desert or Yardan National Geological park. Well prepared for the changeable temperature in the desert.

●   Be always vigilant against possible tourist scams and theft.

●   Many traditional customs continue to thrive in Dunhuang. Usually, in early-May the Dragon Boast Festival is held. During this time, glutinous rice wrapped with lotus leaves is eaten in honor of an upright official who committed suicide after his kingdom fell. On the 8th day of the 12th lunar month Laba Zhou, rice porridge with nuts and dried fruits, is eaten

●   Emergency Information

      Dunhuang Hospital: No.20, Yangguan East Road       Tel: 0937 - 8859088

      Dunhuang Post Office: No.01,Yangguan East Road      Tel: 0937 - 8822986

      Dunhuang Tourist Information Center: No.08, Xinjian Road, Dunhuang     Tel: 0937 - 8851568

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