Yardan National Geological Park

   Dunhuang Yardan National Geopark is located 170 kilometers from downtown Dunhuang at the crossing of Gansu and Xinjiang and near Lop Nor. It is also known as Dunhuang Devil City, characterized by the screaming of the wind as it passes through the sand structures.

   Yardan has been created over time by the soft part of the earth's surface being eroded by wind and rain, with the hard part of the rocks remaining in the desert. Using your imagination, the structures can resemble the age-old architectures of times past.

   According to primary measurement, Ghost City is 20 kilometers long and wide, covering about 400 kilometers in total, equivalent to 80,000 football fields pieced up with average formation time before 300,000 - 700,000 years.

   Some experts highly value Devil City for firstly its area, secondly typical features of Yardan landform, thirdly bizarre landform shape. The geological wonder, as it was, is rare even in the world

Address: 180 km northwest of Dunhuang downtown

Opening Time: 08:30am to 16:30pm

TEl:  +86 937 - 8841885

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