Camel Riding in Dunhuang Mingsha Moutain

   When you arrive at the Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang, you will go for a camel ride and experience the feeling of the camel team marching in the desert. The sound of camel bells is a must-play item for every tourist. Ride a camel from the gate up the mountain to the peak of Mingsha Mountain, and then back to Crescent Spring. camel riding-1.jpgAfter visiting the attractions, tourists ride a camel to return to the gate. This route lasts about 1 hour on the hump.

    The camel is called a desert boat. It is a relatively tame animal, but sometimes it is timid, afraid of wind and sand, and irritable when it is windy, especially for bright colors. Therefore, tourists wearing yellow and red clothes must pay attention to. And can't open the umbrella violently, it will scare it, they are not easy to get angry.

sliding sand-1.png

    There is another project worth to experience. It takes less than a minute to slide down from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain. This feeling you must want to experience. There are wooden ladders available when you go up the mountain. Depending on your physical strength, it takes about 20 minutes. Barefoot climbed up the sandhill. It's arduous to do three steps in this way. Going to the top of the mountain and sliding down on a bamboo board, you will immediately go to the bottom of the mountain. It is exciting and fun. Even if you fall, it will be fine.

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