Dunhuang Local Products and Handicrafts

  Dunhuang local products and handicrafts best are the replicas of mural, paintings, and calligraphy found at the caves. Dunhuang is not only a tourist destination but also a shopping paradise where you can find numerous souvenirs and special products. Most of the shopping malls and markets are located in the city center, without large shopping malls, Shazhou Market and Feitian Market sell various souvenirs such as carpets, craftworks of camel imitations, and luminous cups. In addition, Dunhuang Colored sculptures, Dunhuang dates, and Dunhuang wine are special local products.

General Li Guang Apricot: Considered as the top fruit in Dunhuang, yellow and honeydew sweet, it is harvested in July and enjoys resounding name. Taken along by troops of General Li Guang in Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.) to Dunhuang, which had ever helped his army free from trouble, it was given the name-General Li Guang Apricot.

Mingshan Chinese Date: Known for its large and rich nutrition, which one date can be as weighty as 45 grams, the ripe dates, shining red and black, contain rich protein, fat, vitamin and other elements such as calcium, phosphor, and Ferrum. It is helpful for people to enrich the blood, benefit vital energy, nourish the kidney and soothe the nerves.

dunhuang wine.jpg

Dunhuang wine: One of the high-quality products in Dunhuang is made from sorghum, wheat, and spring of Shazhou. It features intense and soft tastes.

Dunhuang melon: Dunhuang was named “melon state” because it teems with melon in ancient times. Dunhuang melon has enough moisture, high sugar content, so it is good to remove summer-heat. It is a big shame if you don't eat Dunhuang melon during your Dunhuang travel.

Carpet produced in Dunhuang: Carpet in Dunhuang, carefully woven by fine wool, represents the imitated designs of art in Dunhuang, bright colored and decent.

Dunhuang Colored Sculpture: It is an imitation of Mogao Caves, on behalf of local culture. These sculptures are in the shape of a Buddha statue. It is a nice souvenir especially for those who believe in Buddhism.

Camel Artware.jpg

Camel Artware: Camel, once a major means of transport on the Silk Road, is also an animal in the desert, who can bear high temperature, bitter cold and hunger and thirty. It is called the ship of the desert for its carrying heavy load for a long journey and simple and honest nature. Camel Artware by cotton and flannelette as the mascot on China Art Festival make visitors so delighted with it that one could hardly bear to put it down and it is also one of the tourist souvenirs

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