Shazhou Night Market

   Dunhuang Shazhou Night Market can be visited during the evening hours, after your day trips to relax. Dunhuang is a touristy enough place to have a craft market, almost exclusively for visitors. The local market is only open in the evening. You can buy jade, as this is an important area of extraction of the stone. You can also buy wonderful dried fruits. The rest is the same as in any market with crafts, paintings, carvings, prints, leather, etc, but in a Chinese style. And the price is always negotiable.   

   It takes the edge off the travel and gives you time to unwind while enjoying the festivities. The night market gives you the opportunity to learn about Dunhuang folk-customs and life. The market is cordoned off into different sections. You can enjoy some shopping for art and ethnic wares, and in another area, you can enjoy snacks and a tea house to really loosen up, and then go watch the amateur local opera street shows. Take the time to visit the market, you’re sure to have a good time.

   Travelers enjoy themselves strolling this interesting night market with different types of things to see and food to eat; souvenirs, handicrafts, fruits, food, nuts, etc. Food vendors were very competitive. They cannot help forgetting the delicious lamb stick that we had, it was just sumptuous, grilled to perfection. The other dishes recommended to them were equally unique and good. And the seedless grape we bought from a senior woman in the market was very fresh and crunchy which we find hard to come by during our trip to other cities.

Address: Yangguan East Road, Dunhuang, China

Opening Time: All day

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