Top Dunhuang Attractions

Do you have a tour? What are the best tourist attractions recommended in Dunhuang? Followed our trip to Dunhuang, which located near the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, is a small city in Gansu Province. It is made famous largely by the Buddhist Grottoes, known as the Mogao Grottoes, which are one of the World’s most important sites of ancient Buddhist culture.

Dunhuang has possessed outstanding celebrities and natural creatins since ancient times. The ancestors lived here one generation after another has made an arduous effort to build their homeplace and attained great achievements using their industries and intelligence. Historical ruins remain everywhere inside the territory of Dunhuang city.

You must visit the Mogao Grottoes, also known as the Thousand-Buddha Grottoes, located at a strategic point along the ancient Silk Road, are noted for its rich collection of over 1,000-year-old Buddhist statues and murals. It is a shrine of Buddhist art treasures. Dunhuang culture is also known as Mogao Grottoes culture.

The Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent LakeA peculiar natural phenomenon occurs when standing on top of the dune. If it's a windless day, a sound similar to a flute can be heard, but if many people descending the dune at once it becomes a thunderclap.

Pay a visit to the Yardan National Geopark is located 170 kilometers from downtown Dunhuang at the crossing of Gansu and Xinjiang and near Lop Nor. It is also known as Dunhuang Devil City, characterized by the screaming of the wind as it passes through the sand structures.

The Shazhou Night Market can be visited during the evening hours, after your day trips to relax. Dunhuang is a touristy enough place to have a craft market, almost exclusively for visitors. The local market is only open in the evening. You can buy jade, as this is an important area of extraction of the stone. You can also buy wonderful dried fruits.

Yangguan Pass, as a necessary pass for the south route of the silk road, it is so named for the pass was located south of Yumenguan Pass during the Han Dynasty. Together with Yumenguan Pass, it's a gate for traveling to the western regions.

Yulin Grottoes site is famed as the sister of Mogao Grottoes. It is 180 km far away from Dunhuang, with rock-cut caves filled with Buddhist wall paintings and sculptures cut into the walls of a canyon.

Yumen Pass or Jade Gate or Pass of the Jade Gate is the name of a pass located west of Dunhuang in today's Gansu Province of China. The city's name is often confused with the Yumen Guan or Jade Gate which is the frontier-pass of ancient times, the entrance to the Old Silk Road, which was situated not far to the west of Dunhuang.

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