Dunhuang Museum

   Dunhuang Museum has become a good place to understand the history and the art of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, which is worth to visit. It was established based on the department of archeology at the city's Cultural Center. The Museum has a rich collection of the history and culture of this region. It contains unique exhibits from the Mogao cave temple complex, which were collected by archaeologists from all over the world. However, the museum keeps not only archaeological and historical findings but also a lot of items depicting the culture of China and its development over several millennia. You can even find unique pieces belonging to the epoch of Great Silk Road.

   The appearance of the museum looks like the wall and beacon tower of the Great Wall of the Han Dynasty. And it seems like you will get into a grotto group when you walking into the interior of the museum, that is quite fantastic. Continue to visit, you will find the walls and corridors inside are all the forms of ancient grotto corridors, which are very distinctive. Altogether it has six exhibition halls in the museum, but the main exhibition is the theme exhibition of the Dunhuang Museum - "The City of Huarong Intersection". It takes about 1 to 2 hours to visit.

   The museum contains some of the most diverse and at the same time interrelated collections that give a complete picture of the life and history of China as a whole. The exhibits in the museum are mainly divided into two categories. One is mainly about the art of Mogao Grottoes. The other one is the Silk Road Culture exhibition, in which the Beiliang Stone Pagoda, portrait bricks to name just a few are quite elegant and beautiful, which can be regarded as the treasure of this museum and should not be missed.

This exhibition also includes findings from the Great Wall of China, a section of which stretches not far from the city. It collected signal flares, fragments of the wall, maquettes and models of the Great Wall, which allow assessing the whole its splendor.

Address: No.1390 North MingShaShan Road, Dunhuang, China

TEL: +86 937 882 2981

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