Great Silk Road Adventure will bring you to explore the world’s greatest land trade route in history. Our silk road adventure tour commences at Kashgar, an ancient trade hub on the Silk Road and site of the legendary Sunday Market. We will visit the old Silk Road oasis of Turpan and Dunhuang with its amazing Mogao Grottoes of Buddhist wall paintings and sculptures, as well as Jiayuguan, site of the most western extent of the Ming Dynasty great wall. We will go to Xian, the ancient Chang'an, to visit the First Emperor Qin’s tomb and the astounding Terracotta Warriors. Our tour will also take you to Uzbekistan, the center of Eurasian continent, which played a key role in the transcontinental Silk Road, and where many of the east-west routes passed through. Visiting some of the important Silk Road cities such as Tashkent and Bukhara, in Uzbekistan will add to our appreciation of the incredible ancient Silk Road that linked Asia with Europe that began two thousand years ago and lasted for almost a thousand years.


Day 1Beijing City Tour

Beijing is the political and cultural heart of China, and it has a rich history that mirrored in its spectacular palaces, temples and parks. Today after enjoying the delicious breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide will bring you to visit Tian'anmen Square, the largest city square in the world. Later visit The Forbidden City, the largest imperial palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years. It was the Chinese royal palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. Then head to The Temple of Heaven which is located in the southern part of Beijing, and has been one of the holiest places for the whole country for more than five centuries. You will be able to enjoy a Beijing Roast Duck Dinner, before a fantastic Kungfu performance.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Beijing
Altitude: 44m
  • Temple of Heaven.jpg

    Temple Of Heaven

  • Tian'anmen square.jpg

    Tian'anmen Square

Day 2Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall-Ming Tombs and modern landmark exploration

We have toured some ancient buildings in Beijing, today we are going to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall and some modern landmarks in Beijing. 

After enjoying the delicious breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide will bring you to head to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall, Lies in Huairou County, Mutianyu Section is 73 kilometres away from Beijing City. Commanding the strategic importance, Mutianyu Section is called the Majestic Pass on the Precipitous Mountains. It is one of the well-preserved parts of the Great Wall. Meanwhile, when we back to the urban area, you can also take a photo stop at the 2008 Olympic Site to see the Bird's Nest National Stadium and Water Cube Aquatic Centre.

After visiting, we will take train to Lanzhou, upon arrival, take to the hotel and check in

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Beijing
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 44m
  • Great Wall.jpg

    Great Wall

  • Water cube aquatic centre.jpg

    Water Cube Aquatic Centre

Day 3Lanzhou-Gannan

After breakfast, the day begins with Bingling Temple where you will see the air trestle road and various grottoes.

Then the train will take you to explore Xiahe, home to the famed Labrang Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries outside the TibetAutonomous Region.

Traffic: high-speed train arranged by us
Hotel: Overnight in Xiahe
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1500m
  • Binglings Temple.jpg

    Binglings Temple

  • Labrang Temple.jpg

    Labrang Temple

Day 4Back to Lanzhou

After breakfast, we will drive back to Lanzhou and then drive to Yellow River, the China's Mother River and the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Lanzhou
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1500m
  • Yellow River.jpg

    Yellow River

  • Yellow River.jpg

    Yellow River

Day 5Jiayuguan Tour

After enjoying the nice buffet breakfast at the hotel, today we will head to Jiayuguan with about 3 hours driving. Upon arrival, the tour will start from the Jiayuguan pass, this Ming Dynasty fort guards the strategic Jiayuguan pass, at the western end of the Great Wall - this was the last section built by the Ming Dynasty. After that, you will explore the Great Wall Museum, which was opened to the public in October 1989 and it is the first one to exhibit the Great Wall culture in a comprehensive and systematic way. Thereafter, we are going to visit the Great Wall on the Cliff, The wall here was built on the ridge with a gradient of 45 degrees. It is high in the air and it looks as if it fell down from the top of the hill. So people refer to this section of the Great Wall as the "Suspended Wall". 

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Jiayuguan
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1600m
  • Jiayuguan Pass

    Jiayuguan Pass

  • The Great Wall On The Cliff

    The Great Wall On The Cliff

Day 6Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes-Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring-Shazhou Night Market Tour

Continue our silk road travel, today our professional tour guide will bring you to travel to Dunhuang, it is the best place where you can explore Chinese history and culture. Our first destination is Mogao Grottoes, also known as the Thousand Buddha Caves, this UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the great artistic and religious wonders of the world and it is famous for its exquisite murals and various sculptures inside the caves, which was built in different dynasties, spanning 1,000 years of Buddhist art. and head up to Echoing Sand Mountain & Crescent Lake. When there is wild wind, the sands will be blown up and make a loud sound, while the sound sounds like being produced by some ancient musical instrument when blown by the breeze, There is also a Crescent Lake that has been in existence for hundreds of years without ever being buried by the sand. Riding the camel as the Silk Road Caravan in the vast desert is highly recommended (approximately 40mins). Please bring your sunglasses and mask to keep out the dust

In the evening, you can walk around and taste Gansu delicacies at the Shazhou Night Market, the most bustling place of Dunhuang at night. It's easy to lose our sense of time wonder the market while enjoying your leisure time and taste some local cuisine.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1138m
  • Mogao Grottoes.jpg

    Mogao Grottoes

  • Echoing Sand Mountain.jpg

    Echoing Sand Mountain

Day 7Train to Turpan and Have City Tour

After brerakfast, today takes an early morning one-hour car to Sugong Minaret, also known as Emin Minaret,  the tallest minaret in China which  has long served as a conduit for cultural exchange between different ethnic and religious groups.

Then our leader will take you to explore Jiaohe Ruins, a Chinese archaeological site found in the Yarnaz Valley, 10 km west of the city of Turpan and a natural fortress located atop a steep cliff on a leaf-shaped plateau between two deep river valleys where you can experience the way of life of the Uygur ancestors. Whereupon, your trip comes to an end and we drive ro train station.  

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Turpan
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Sugong Minaret.jpg

    Sugong Minaret

  • Jiaohe ruins.jpg

    Jiaohe Ruins

Day 8Turpan City Tour

After a wonderful day, today our adventure begins with the Flaming Mountains,  the hottest place in China, frequently reaching 50 °C (122 °F) or higher where you can experience the story of the Journey to the West.  Then we will head to Karez Well,  the greatest irrigation connected by underground channe around the world.  

Traffic: Bus
Hotel: Overnight in Turpan
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Flaming Moutains.jpg

    Flaming Moutains

  • Karez Well.jpg

    Karez Well

Day 9Tuyoq Village- Bezeklik Grottoes -Astana Tomb

After breakfast, the good day begins. First we drive to Tuyoq Village which is an ancient oasis-village in the Taklamakan desert, 70 km east of Turpan in a lush valley cutting intothe Flaming Mountains and famous for its seedless grapes and a number of ancient Buddhist meditation caves nearby containing frescos. Then we make our way to Bezekilik Thousand Buddha Caves which are a complex of Buddhist cave grottos dating from the 5th to 14th century between the cities of Turpan and Shanshan (Loulan) at the northeast of the Taklamakan Desert near the ancient ruins of Gaochang in the Mutou Valley. Finally our scenic bus will take you to Astana  Tombs, a complex of an ancient tomb where you can see many well- preserved aretifacts including mummies. 

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Mercure Hotel Turpan Downtown
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 36m
  • Tuyu Village.jpg

    Tuyu Village

  • Bezkilik Thousand Buddha Caves.jpg

    Bezkilik Thousand Buddha Caves

Day 10Drive to Urumqi and visit Xinjiang Regional Museum

After enjoying breakfast, your fascinating day will start this morning. Today our tour guide will bring you to head to Xinjiang Regional Museum. There are many archaeological treasures of the Silk Road and Xinjiang's minority cultures. You will learn about the history of Xinjiang and its peculiar ethnic customs.

Take the flight to Kashgar

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Kashgar
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 1289m
  • Xinjiang Regional Museum.jpg

    Xinjiang Regional Museum

  • Xinjiang Regional Museum-1.jpg

    Xinjiang Regional Museum-1

Day 11Take the flight to Tashkent

Today we will fly to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan with a history of 2500 years. Tashkent is a commercial pivot in ancient Silk Road, and it is the center of economy and culture as the largest city in Central Asia. Check in the hotel and have a good rest after a long flight.

Accomodation at hotel.

Traffic: Car+Flight
Hotel: Overnight in Tashkent
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 455m
  • Tashkent.jpg


  • Tashkent.jpg


Day 12Tashkent City Tour

After breakfast, you will start your excurtion at Tashkent with your guide. You will first visit National Historical Museum. It shaps like an unsymmetrical cube in appearance, which is the symbol of permanence in oriental architectural. The museum represents the production of pottery, coin, bronze pot, weapon, etc.  It also displaying the achievements in the field of industry, agriculture, education, culture and art after the independence of Uzbekistan. Then you will visit Museum of Applied Arts if Uzbekistan, which was built in 1930s the heyday of the Soviet Union. This is an optimal place for you to know Uzbekistan-style decoration. 

After lunch, continue on to Chorsu Bazaar where the most famous agricultural trade market in this city.  You can find anything you want here, If you wish, you can pay extra money for some souvenirs with local characteristics. The last spot is Independence Square, stroll through the square and feel how this country's ideal of independece come true.

Overnight in hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Tashkent
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 455m
  • Museum Of Applied Arts If Uzbekistan.jpg

    Museum Of Applied Arts If Uzbekistan

  • National Historical Museum.jpg

    National Historical Museum

Day 13Drive to Samarkand

Morning drive to the Smarkand. Sarmarkand is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia with more than 2500 years. The whole city is listed the World Cultural Heritage in 2000. You will initially visit Ulugbek Obersvatory, located in the surburb of sourthern Samarkand. It was built by the ruler Ulugh Beg who is the grandson of of Timur, and the observatory is one of the most influential in medieval period. Later explore the antique Shakhi Zinda Necropolis where buries the family members of Samarkand's rulers. In the afternoon, you will come to Registan Square.This is the central square in the old part of Samarkand paved with burnt bricks and cobblestones where three great middle-aged educational universities (madrasahs) are situated that formed one of the main scientific centers of the East in ancient times. Then you will be brought to visit Bibi Khanum Mosque, a magnificent Islanmic architectural treasures.

Overnight in ## hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Samarkand
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 702m
  • Registan Square.jpg

    Registan Square

  • Bibi Khanum Mosque.jpg

    Bibi Khanum Mosque

Day 14Drive to Bukhara

Morning breakfast, you will head to Bukhara. Visit the religious shrine Samanids Mausoleum, Poyi-Kalon Ensemble, and Miri-Arab Madrasah (16th c.) in ancient Bukhara. Afterwards, continue to Kukeldash Madrasah (16th c.) which is the biggest  in Central Asia. You will also visit Ark Citadel, Bolo-Hauz Mosque (18th c.) and Summer Palace. Then walk through the bustling local bazaar where sells all kinds of spices, national jewelry and original carpets. If possible, pick up and buy something you like for your family(note: this is not for free). In the evening enjoy a folk show at the courtyard of ancient Nodir Devanbegi madrasah (17th c.) with national song and dancing.

 Overnight at ## hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Bukhara
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 230m
  • Bolo-hauz Mosque.jpg

    Bolo-hauz Mosque

  • Poyi-kalon Ensemble.jpg

    Poyi-kalon Ensemble

Day 15Drive to Khiva

Today you will spend a half-day to Khiva, capital city of Khiva khanate in 17th century. On the way to khiva, you will have a glimpse of the sight of Kyzyl-Kum desert. After check in the local guesthouse, you will embark on the trip in Khiva. There are lots of historical-architectural sites with palaces decorated with mosaic, mausoleums, mosques and madrasahs. You will be surprised by the Djuma Mosque (Friday mosque) and Pakhlavan Mahmud Mausoleum. You will also browse other Islamic architectures if time permits.  After sightseeing, the driver will transfer you to Urgench airport for flight to Tashkent and arrive in Tashkent before night.

Overnight at ## hotel.

Traffic: Car
Hotel: Overnight in Khiva
Meals: Breakfast
Altitude: 109m
  • Poyi-kalon Ensemble.jpg

    Poyi-kalon Ensemble

  • Poyi-kalon Ensemble.jpg

    Poyi-kalon Ensemble

Day 16Tashkent

There are no activities this day. After enjoy breakfast, the driver will check out the hotel and send you to airport for your flight. Wish to meet next time!

Traffic: Car
Hotel: No accommodation
Meals: Breakfast


  • Private transportation through out the itinerary. SRT will arrange for all travelers to be met on arrival and seen off on departure based on your flight info.

  • Shared accommodations in well located, tourist to superior class hotels include breakfast, service charge and government tax.

  • All entrance fees(shuttle bus) sightseeing; excursions and activities as per the itinerary

  • Domestic flights and 2nd class express train listed in the itinerary

  • Private friendly and professional English-Speaking guides (French, Italy, Russian, German can be arranged per your request)

  • Visa support letter for you to apply Chinese visa easily.

  • Travel and health insurance when travel with us.

  • 8, A 24/7 helpline while you are traveling.


  • International and domestic flights not indicated.

  • Food, Lunch or dinner not specified

  • Tips or gratuities for guides and drivers

  • Personal expenses and the other tours or activities not mentioned


  • We will upgrade trains to 1st class where available if book the tour 5 months in advance of departure.

  • There is no problem to travel Silk Road during Ramadan.

  • Complimentary 2 bottles of water each person on daily use.


We will use business MPV to luxurious coaches and trains.


All the hotels we selected are 4-5star well-located in the city center with good and proper breakfast for our clients.


Our guides are very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. And our group tours will be escorted from SRT.

Climate and Altitude

Generally speaking Mid March—End Oct are the best time to visit Silk Road. And we strongly suggest you come in May, June, October to avoid the heat and crowd. No need to worry about high altitude along the Silk Road. We will prepare Oxygen bags if the package includes Xiahe, Qinghai Lake and Taxkorgan County.

We offer beneficial Cancellation Policy to our customers.

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