Lanzhou Travel Guide

Lanzhou is located along the banks of the Yellow River and is the provincial capital of Gansu. Lanzhou offers an experience of true immersion in China's great northwest. According to many tourists and travelers, this city is just a transit and transfer point where, after just a short stay, they will continue onwards to southern Gansu or west along the Yellow River. But Lanzhou also has its own enchanting charm. After arriving in Lanzhou, eat a bowl of beef noodles, sip a sweet cup of "sanpaotai" tea and go for a stroll along the Yellow River. Then, you can begin your explorations of China's vast northwest.

Founded about 2, 200 years ago, Lanzhou was called the "Gold City" after gold was found there. Lanzhou was incorporated as Jincheng Prefecture during the Han Dynasty. The first permanent bridge across the Yellow River was erected here in 1907,and may still be seen linking the main part of the city with the northern bank. Much of Lanzhou has been rebuilt in recent years, and it is now a modern industrial city. As a modern petrochemical industrial powerhouse, a science research center, and a land of melons and fruits, Lanzhou has emerged as a major commercial and trade center in northwest China. It is also the center province.

The traditional tourist attractions in the city Lanzhou include the Green Corridor of Binghe Road (stretching al the way from the Sun Yat-sen Bridge, the White Pagoda Park, and the Waterwheel Garden to the Statue of Mother Yellow River), the Bingling Temple, the Provincial Museum, the Mountain of Five Springs, Lanshan Park and Xinglong Mountain in Yuzhong County.

Lanzhou is home to 3,616,163 inhabitants at the 2010 census and 2,177,130 in the built-up area (urban) of 1,088 square kilometres (420 sq mi). By 2018 its population within the central urban area of 298 square kilometres (115 sq mi) rose to 2,890,000 people.

Lanzhou Travel Season Tips

Located inland, Lanzhou has a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and fewer rainfalls. Since Lanzhou is very dry, lip balm is necessary when you have a trip in Lanzhou. You'd better pack a warm coat in your travel bag because the temperature will drop low in evening. It has an annual precipitation of 250-350 mm, mainly from June to September. The yearly average temperature is 9.1C.

The best season to visit is usually from May to October when the temperature is most suitable. If local folk customs, like festivals, appeal to you, winter can also be a good tourist season.

Lanzhou Attractions

Binglings Temple: As one of the must-see attraction along the Silk Road, Binglingsi Temple is situated in the upper reaches of Liujiaxia Reservoir and on the North Bank of the Yellow River of Sigou Gorge in the southwest of Yongjing County.

Waterwheel GardenThe Waterwheel Garden, built in 1994, is located in the Binhe Middle Road in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The garden covers an area of 1.45 hectares (3.58 acres) and is comprised of two waterwheels, a cofferdam, the recreation area and a house of water mill.

Yellow River Mother Sculpture: As one of the essential destinations along the silk road, Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province in NW China. Mankind began to live and thrive in this area can be traced back to five thousand years ago.

Gansu Provincal Museum: The Gansu Provincial Museum was built in 1959,encompassing 21 000 square metres,with an exhibition space of 13 000 square metres.The museum has 5 floors in the middle,three floors on both sides.

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Lanzhou Tours

Lanzhou City Tours: Bingling Temple, Labrang Monastery, Songke Grassland.

6 Days Lanzhou, Zhangye, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang Tour: Yellow River Mother Statue, Danxia National Geological Park.

8 Days Dunhuang Lanzhou Tour: Singing Sand Mountains, Mogao Grottoes, Grand Buddha Temple, Labrang Monastery.

Lanzhou Tour Packages and Offers

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    Gannan Tibetan Exploration to Xiahe, Langmusi & Zhagana


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  • Panoramic Qinghai Gansu Tour: Golmud, Hexi Corridor, Gannan Tibetan

    Panoramic Qinghai Gansu Tour: Golmud, Hexi Corridor, Gannan Tibetan

    Xining-Qinghai Lake-Wulan-Golmud-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Zhangye-Tongren-Luqu-Zhagana-Xiahe-Lanzhou

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  • Gansu Tour to Xiahe and Badan Jaran Desert with Zhangye Adventure

    Gansu Tour to Xiahe and Badan Jaran Desert with Zhangye Adventure

    Lanzhou-Xiahe-Zhangye-Badan Jaran Desert

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  • 11 Days Xinjiang Apricot Blossom Tour

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    Lanzhou - Urumqi - Heavenly Lake - Kuitun - Yining - Naraty

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  • Silk Road Tour for Expats in China

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    Lanzhou - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar - Taxkorgan

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  • 2 Days Lanzhou Tour

    2 Days Lanzhou Tour


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