Top Lanzhou Attractions

Lanzhou, lying on the Yellow River, was a significant stop on the Silk Road. Today, it's an exciting vacation destination with unique attractions and great outdoor spaces, which boasts many tourist attractions such as Five-spring Mountain, White Pagoda Mountain Park, Bingling Thousand-Buddha Caves, etc. Tour with SilkRoadTravel, you will not miss any top attractions as well as unique spots in Lanzhou.

White Pagoda Mountain

I would say that you have not visited Lanzhou if you had not visited the White Pagoda Mountain. What I like about Lanzhou because most of the attractions are free, including White Pagoda Mountain. There are several temples and pavilions along the way to the mountain. The panoramic city view from the pagoda is spectacular. The climb is manageable, and you will enjoy it!

Gansu Provincial Museum

Lanzhou was at the early end of the Silk Road, and so has a fascinating history. The museum had an excellent display of this period. Fascinating treasures included ancient military figures that showed the order of military formation based on the use of horses. It was unearthed as part of a funeral site.

Waterwheel Garden

The waterwheels along the Yellow River are an extraordinary part of Lanzhou history. It is an arid region, although the river runs alongside where the town was established, and over 200 waterwheels were created to bring water to the area for farming and the community. These waterwheels are fascinating structures, and some are operational so that one can experience how they operate.

Yellow River Mother Sculpture

Regard as one of the best sculptures depicting the mother river of Chinese civilization; it is located on the southern bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou. The whole sculpture embodies a mother and a baby. The statue connotes that the Yellow River has nourished generations of Chinese. It was carved out of a massive piece of granite in 1986 in Beijing and measured 6 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in height.

Bingling Temple

It is a standout attraction and is worth the time taken to get there. These grottoes are filled with Buddhist sculptures carved into natural caves. The caves, situated mostly along one side of a river, are cut into a cliff face, which is accessed only by boat.

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