Yellow River Mother Sculpture

The Yellow River Mother Sculpture:

As one of the essential destinations along the silk road, Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province in NW China. Mankind began to live and thrive in this area can be traced back to five thousand years ago.

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When you visit Lanzhou, you must see the Yellow River Mother Sculpture, it is a granite-structured full relief that's composed of a mother and a baby boy. The pedestal of the sculpture is carved with patterns of ripples and fishes, which derive from the ancient painted pottery patterns of Gansu, fully reflecting the long history of Gansu Province.

In the sculpture, the tall mother has a graceful figure with her right arm slightly flexing, and she has an affable smiling look with beautiful hair hanging about her shoulders, lying on her back against the roaring Yellow River waves. A lovely baby boy snuggles close to her right side with his eyes slightly looking to the left, smiling unconsciously.

The sculpture has a profound message, and it symbolizes the Chinese people growing sturdily under the parenting of the Yellow River as well as the Chinese people's persevering spirit that makes the world go round.

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When is the best time to visit?

The best time to travel to Lanzhou is between April and September when it is warm. There isn't much rain during any month. Even in the summer, a jacket may be necessary. Among them, in summer, Lanzhou is an ideal summer resort with lush vegetation, cool and beautiful scenery.

Lanzhou is a famous "land of melons and fruits", so autumn is also the best season for tourism, at this time, you can taste the variety of fruits, such as melons and grapes to name just a few, that will feast your eyes. In addition, the annual Lanzhou China Silk Road Festival is also held in September, during that period many tourists will gather in Lanzhou, which is quite lively.


The influence of the Yellow River:

Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the spiritual home of the Chinese people. For thousands of years, the Yellow River has been admired by great poets, artists, as well as by ordinary people. The Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese nation, the spirit of the Chinese people and more importantly, civilization itself.

Yellow River nurtures a lot of towns and cities including such big cities as Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Baotou, Zhengzhou, and Jinnan. So if you are interested in seeing and feeling the giant river, you may go to these cities. Most of the cities have developed an area or a park to represent the Yellow River culture.

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