Taste of Lanzhou

Lanzhou is one of the great cities in china which is very famous for its dishes and culture which disclose the beauty of Gansu cuisine. Lanzhou is especially famous for its traditional dishes like roast, steam, and braising of beef and mutton. The people of Lanzhou enjoy many tastes including salty, fresh, tart, and spicy. The delicious food of Lanzhou is quite unique as compare to the central China. There are different ethnic groups which has great influence to increase the beauty of Lanzhou, especially the lovely people of Hui.

Hand-Pulled Noodles with Beef (Lanzhou Lamian)

Lanzhou Noodles are considered as the most famous dishes in the central Asia. And it is also the most common food in china. These noodles are pulled by hand, it only takes less than 5 minutes to cook. It is a kind of fast food in China. Hand-Pulled Noodles has become a part of local people's life. During the adventure of different picnic spots, the tourists use noodles in place of food, this is very easy way to save the time. The soup of these noodles is very special, because it is a kind of boiled bone soup. And it is very delicious.


Baihe Tao

Baihe Tao is a name which shapes like peaches. The washed fresh lily a specialty of Lanzhou is steamed for 15 minutes. The lily stuffed with sweetened bean paste so that it looks like a peach. The 'peach' is braised in a bamboo steamer for about twenty minutes and then served with a white sugar sauce. The washed fresh lily is a specialty of Lanzhou, it is steamed for 15 minutes. The lily is then stuffed with sweetened bean paste so that it looks like a peach. 


Niang Pi Zi

This wouldn't be fair if we don't explain the importance of Niang Pi Zi which is very famous in the foods of Lanzhou. It’s a Flour paste which is steamed for 3 - 4 minutes, then cut into strips and served with mustard, garlic, sesame butter, chili oil, vinegar, and soy sauce.


Gray Beans

This is another famous snack dish in Lanzhou, which is made with red bean paste and red jujube in it. It is very sweet and delicious.


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