Top 3 Beef-Noodle Restaurants in Lanzhou

Lanzhou Beef Noodles are very famous cuisine in Lanzhou. And it is also the most common food in the local area. The noodles are pulled by hand, it only takes less than 5 minutes to cook. It is a kind of fast food in China. Hand-Pulled Noodle has become a part of local people’s life. While you travel the city, you can taste it everywhere. The soup of the noodle is very special, because it is a kind of boiled bone soup. Let me tell you the top 3 Beef Noodle Restaurant in Lanzhou.

Mazi Lu Beef Noodle

This is the famous Beef Noodle Restaurant in Lanzhou. It was opened in 1954.The Beef Noodle in this restaurant has a unique formula. The garlic seeding and coriander are green and high-quality vegetables, and the noodles are not easy to rot or break, which are quite delicious.

Location: No.86 Dazhong Alley, Lanzhou   Number:+86 931 845 0505


Jinqiang Beef Noodle

This is a modern Beef Noodle restaurant. The restaurant in very clean and decorated like KFC. The Beef Noodle with meat and eggs has a long aftertaste. Kimchi are their specialty. Beef noodle with kimchi are quite delicious here.

Location: Nan Binghe Road, Lanzhou


Ma Anjun Beef Noodle

This restaurant has a long history. It was opened in 1906.Beef noodle in this restaurant is quite unique. The beef noodle here is famous of their chili sauce. If you like spicy, this is a kind of beef noodle which you must taste. Normal person can only eat 3 spoons of chili sauce.

Location: Qi Lihe North Street, Lanzhou


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