Yellow River Iron Bridge

The Zhongshan Bridge, or the Yellow River Iron Bridge, is located at the northern part of downtown Lanzhou. Dubbed “the First Bridge across the Yellow River,” it has become one of the city’s landmarks. Before its construction, there was a bateau bridge named Zhenyuan Bridge. All of the materials used in the German-designed steel bridge were imported from Germany and work on the construction was overseen by German engineers. Many people like to climb the mountain to take photos of the panoramic view of Lanzhou and the Yellow River Steel Bridge.

                           zhongshan-bridge.jpg zhongshan-birdge-2.jpg


  • You will be very happy and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yellow River while visiting Iron Bridge of Yellow River in Lanzhou.

  • Today, people come here more than just to see the iron bridge. By and below the iron bridge there are some leisure activities such as Sheepskin Rafts on the Yellow River, take a chairlift up to the North Pagoda Hill.

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