Best Time to Visit Lanzhou

Lanzhou is a city in North China. Lanzhou has long autumn and winter, short spring and summer. The best time to travel Lanzhou is from May to October. There months’ weather is comfortable. And the fruits in this season are delicious. If local folks customs like festivals, appeal to you, winter can also be good tourist season. The reach of the Yellow River at Lanzhou carries a high load of silt, giving the river its characteristic muddy appearance; however water quality in this reach is better than the “fetid outflow that barely passes for water two hours downstream”.


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4 Days Lanzhou City Tour: Visit Bingling Temple, Labrang Monastery, Songke Grasslands etc.                      

9 Days Silk Road Tour to Xi'an, Gansu and Qinghai: Visit Terracotta Warriors, Big Goose Pagoda, Mogao Grottoes, Badain Jaran Desert, Ta'er Monastery, Qinghai Lake etc.

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