Dunhuang Local Cuisine

   Dunhuang local cuisine is more likely to be added mutton, chicken and beef. They are good at making noodles. Another feature of Dunhuang food is the spiciness, characteristic of Sichuan Cuisine. This spicy and flexible food is a must-eat whenever you pay a visit to the city. There are many food vendors at Shazhou Night Market, where you can taste the flavors from all Gansu Province - noodles, barbecue, skewers and etc. Small eateries are also found in the narrow lanes nearby.

Dunhuang Ferments Hides: One of the local flavor snacks in Dunhuang. It is a kind of product made from flour. Ferments hides are always cut into a strip and poured with condiments such as sugar, minced garlic, chili oil, soy sauce, mustard and so on. It tastes slippery, hot and sour.

Yellow noodle with donkey meat: In Dunhuang, donkey meat is highly praised as delicious as dragon meat. Yellow noodle with donkey meat is a famous food in Dunhuang. The authentic yellow noodle is characterized by uniform thickness and chewy taste. The thin noodles attached with delicious donkey meat is the representative of the snack which can be found only in Dunhuang.processed noodles.jpg

Dunhuang processed noodles: As a traditional special cooked wheaten food, it is characterized by thin, chewy, smooth, sour, spicy and fragrant. Dunhuang processed noodles take an important role in Dunhuang. It is specially provided on festivals, wedding, funeral, birthday party, etc...

Mutton Soup: The soup is boiled with sheep bone with fragrances. The thinly sliced mutton and chopping bean jelly are put in a bowl, the scooped up with boiled soup. The mutton soup has the function of complement deficiency, replenishing blood, whetting the appetite, tonify spleen and dispelling cold, especially suitable for winter.

Oil Cake with bubble.jpg

Oil Cake with bubble: It is evolved from Tang Dynasty. Primarily it was a popular snack on the palace banquet. It is a kind of fried cake made from flour, sugar, pork lard, sesame seed, roses, etc.. It is yellow in color and tastes soft, fragrant and sweet.

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