Echoing Sand Mountain & Crescent Lake

Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake:

   Six kilometers south of Dunhuang at Singing Sands Dune, the desert meets the oasis in the most spectacular view. From the sheer scale of the dunes, it's easy to see how Dunhuang gained its name "Town of Sand". In the same area is the Shallow Spring fed Crescent Moon Lake, which forms an oasis at the desert's edge. A peculiar natural phenomenon occurs when standing on top of the dune. If it's a windless day, a sound similar to a flute can be heard, but if many people descending the dune at once it becomes a thunderclap.

   The massif of Mingsha Mountain is composed of drifting sand. From a distance, the dunes rise and fall, which is quite stupendous. In the afternoon is the best time to visit the scenic spot, because at this time you can avoid the heat in the desert at noon, and climb to the sand sea at the top of the mountain and the crescent spring at the bottom of the mountain when the sunsets. The Crescent Moon Lake is an oasis in the desert.The lake is shaped like a moon.Although the surrounding area is very dry,the pool surprisingly doesn't dry up as one might expect.And the most popular activity here is camel riding.Once you travel here,you must try that.

   After entering the scenic spot, tourists can rent sand proof shoes and sleeves beside Mingyue Square according to their own needs. There is also a battery car near the square. It goes to Tieyubei Park (near Crescent Spring) in the scenic area. It costs about 10 yuan per trip and takes 5 minutes.

   Visitors can climb up Mt. Mingsha directly. After enjoying the scenery, they choose to slide down the hill. When they slide down from the top of the hill, they will hear the sound of thumping, like drums and gongs. It is frightening and exciting. Mt. Mingsha is named for it.

Address: 3 miles (5 km) south of Dunhuang

Tel: +86 888 2074

Opening Tim: 08:00am to 17:00pm


1. Transportation: Fly to Dunhuang Airport and the destination is about a 25-minute drive from the airport.

2. When you climbing a sandy mountain, please follow the instructions of the scenic area and carry out activities within the scope of the mountain climbing prescribed by the scenic area. Do not play "adventure" outside the area alone, so as not to endanger your safety.

3. When riding a camel, you should obey the arrangement of the camel driver or tour guide, do not feed or tease the camel at will to prevent accidents. And do not approach the back foot or head of the camel to prevent it from kicking you and spraying you with its mouth.

4. During the Golden Week and the "Sand Skating Festival" in June, the number of tourists here will increase sharply, so it is suggested that tourists stagger the peak period.

5. The sun radiation and ultraviolet radiation are quite strong here, so the tourists are suggested to take some anti-ultraviolet clothing or sunscreen and so on.

6. Every July to August is the hottest time in Dunhuang, during which the Mingsha Mountain will be scorched by the sun, try to avoid travel at this time.

7. Mingsha Mountain Crescent Moon Spring Scenic Spot can be visited twice free of charge on the ticket day since April 2015. Please enter your fingerprints and keep the tickets at the same time when checking tickets. This policy is limited to the same day.

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