Mingsha Shan - Echoing Sand Mountain

Echoing Sand Mountain-1.jpgEchoing Sand Mountain

Echoing-Sand Mountain, located on the Silk Road, is known as one of the Eight Great Landscapes of Dunhuang and one of the Four Great Singing Sands of China. It is said that the current site where Echoing-Sand Mountain locates was once a fertile oasis in the ancient time. When there is the wild wind, the sands will be blown up and loud sound, hence the name.

Like its name indicates, the Crescent Spring Lake is in a natural shape of a half-moon and was commonly considered one of the Eight Great Landscapes of Dunhuang together with the Echoing-Sand Mountain early in Western Han Dynasty.

Chinese name: 鸣沙山月牙泉 (Mingshashan Yueyaquan).

Location: 6 km south of Dunhuang City, Gansu Province.

Ticket: CNY110/pp

echoing sand moutain-5.jpgEchoing Sand Mountain

Opening time: Mon. - Sun. 05:00 - 20:30 (adjusted in different seasons).

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1. Take Dunhuang Bus No. 3 to Crescent Lake and you will see the mountain.

2. It costs CNY 15 to 20 to take a taxi from the downtown area to the scenic area.

Best Time to Visit:

Summer and autumn (May to October) are best seasons for traveling Dunhuang, because there usually sand storm in spring. Dunhuang has a typical continental arid climate. It is dry, and has little rain all year around. There is large temperature gap between daytime and night.  And it is too cold in winter. Be fully prepared for the strong sunlight and wind whenever you are planning to visit Dunhuang.

What to do in Echoing Sand Mountain&Crescent Lake

Enjoying the stunning desert landscape, exploring the legendary stories of Crescent Lake – these are not the only things to do in the park. The specific nature here offers you many exciting outdoor activities for you to have fun.

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Camel Riding

It is a very spectacular experience to ride on a tall and marching forward the dunes, which is what the ancient travelers did on the Silk Road. The camel riding site is located inside the scenic area, which means you have to purchase a ticket to get in the picturesque area first if you want to ride a camel.

Desert Camping

You can choose to camp in the Desert from late April to mid-October to enjoy the best of the sunset, sunrise and starry sky. The camping base is located at the back of Mountain. The camping base will send a car to pick you up in the urban area after you sign up for camping. Desert BBQ and Buffet Hot Pot are offered as dinner during the camping.

Sand Sliding

echoing sand mountain.jpgOur Clients in Echoing Sand Mountain

Slide down from the top of dunes with a sand board to experience speed and passion, and listen to how the sands echo and move in winds. You will experience the Sand Sliding activity during the evening around 20:30 when the dust has cooled off from the heat of the daytime.


If you want to see the stretching dunes of the Mingsha Mountain and panoramic views of the Crescent Lake, you can try flying the plane. The journey charges by distance, there are also sightseeing small helicopters of which the prices are higher than the gliders.

Desert Motorcycle Riding

Riding a motorcycle to traverse the up-and-down rolling dunes is the most exciting activity in the Desert. You will ride from the foot of Echoing Mountain to get to the top of the Mountain to enjoy the vastness and beauty of the Desert, then ride the same way back. Pls note: The actual price for the activities may be subject to change in different seasons.

echoing sand moutain-6.jpgSunrise in Echoing Sand Mountain

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and sunset are fabulous here. Travelers need to climb to the top of Mountain before 6:00 AM to catch the sunrise. It would help if you got to the park early because it costs a lot of time and energy to climb the sand mountain. The western sandhill near Crescent Lake is the best location for watching the sunrise. Sunset usually happens later here, especially in summer days. It comes around 20:30 – 21:00. Travelers typically get into the park around 17:00 because the air and sands temperature is very high, and the sunlight is extreme.

Travel Tips

  • Do not use parasol when riding a camel, for the camel may get scared.

  • Take some measures to protect, especially your eyes, in case of a sand wind.

  • Visitors can visit Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake many times in three days since they buy the entrance tickets. More importantly, those who enjoy free entries can't enjoy this policy.

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