100 Years Teahouse

This 100 Years Teahouse has witnessed the changes in Kashgar over the past century. Its business hours are from 10 in the morning to 23:00 in the evening. No matter when you go, there are a lot of guests. This is a veritable online celebrity check-in place, so famous that even tourists are well-known and come in.It is not only the best place for people in the old city of Kashgar to spend their time drinking tea, but also the best choice for looking for the memory of the old city. landscape.

Chinese Name:百年老茶馆茶馆.jpg

Location:The tea house is located in the ancient street "Wustang Boyi Old Street" next to the Aitigar Mosque. After walking along this street, you can see a small facade with the words "Hundred Years". The five words "Old Tea House"

Opening Time10:00-23:00

What to Visit in the 100 Years Teahouse

This small teahouse with Uyghur architectural style is divided into two floors. There are no tea tables and no sales staff on the first floor. There is only a brief introduction about the history of this tea house. As the only one-hundred-year teahouse surviving from the ancient Silk Road, it covers the rich historical and cultural heritage of Kashgar. Since then, it has been a center for information sharing and dissemination, because there are all kinds of people in the teahouse, and all the parents, the world’s anecdotes, etc. will be spread here. People drink tea here and taste the naan. The brilliant history belonging to the Silk Road.The scenery on the second floor of the tea house is good. The important reason why this tea house is popular with foreign tourists is not only its long history, but also because it is one of the filming locations of the Oscar-nominated film "The Kite Chaser". At the beginning of the film, the place where Amir's father and instructor watched the kite competition is this century-old teahouse. You can look for this movie.茶馆1.jpg

Travelling guideline

There is an introduction in the stairwell on the first floor. As a cultural relic left on the Silk Road, the old teahouse is one of the cultural characteristics of the underground city of Kashgar. At the same time, people here enjoy tea, food, naan, and gossip about the world. In this way, it spreads information and continues the traditions on the Silk Road. story.

Shopping recommendation

The "menu" in the teahouse includes a variety of black tea, scented tea, jujube tea and fruit tea, and each pot is more than 60 yuan. The favorite tea of Kashgar locals is "hidden" at the end of the list. It costs 10 yuan per pot, which is very inconspicuous.The right half of the second list is all kinds of coffee, and the left half is snacks, including lamb soup, ramen, baked buns, roast lamb, naan, yogurt and jelly茶馆3.jpg


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