Ethnic Arts and Crafts

   Kashgar Ethnic Arts and Crafts are not only a daily necessity but an object of esthetic beauty. In a sense, all of them display the unique ethnic culture, art and tradition craft. Therefore, they are honored as ethnic arts and crafts of the Kashgar Uyghurs.

   You can't miss the famous Sunday Bazaar of Kashgar, which is the mother of al bazaars. Farmers from out of town will congregate by their donkey carts just to hawk their wares at the famed Sunday bazaar. The visual spectacle of people, animals, and items of every imaginable shape, size and function will send your cameras into overdrive.

kashgar Embroidered hats.jpg

   If you miss the Sunday bazaar, the daily bazaars are still the focus of much activity. Centuries before, Kashgar with Chinese silk, exquisite porcelain, and exotic spices. Farmers and herdsmen continue this age-old tradition, selling anything from leatherware, Turkish teapots to and beautifully woven carpets. Some stalls sell a little of everything. Others offer specialty goods. Kashgar is famous for its hats and knives.

  Embroidered hats are loved by the Uyghur people. People, old and young, man and woman, like to wear the four or five-angled embroidered hats all year round. These hats are the symbol of the Uyghur people. Made with exquisite workmanship, they are brightly colored and decorated with beads. Embroidered hats produced in Kashgar are featured by black almond-like shape with white flowers. They look graceful and elegant

Kashgar Adres Silk.jpg

  Adres Silk is the most popular silk among Uyghur women. They are made with pure silk and ancient lying skills, reflecting the cultural and geological characteristics of Xinjiang. Adres Silk is soft and vivid with bright contrasting colors. The local people use it not only to make clothes but also to decorate their rooms.

  The Printed cloth is the almost lost handiwork of Uyghurs. It is loved for its delicate design and strong ethnic favor, The traditional pigment is the mixture of pomegranate rind, Pomegranate juice, walnut skin, rust, ochre, etc. Flower patterns and geometrical figures are commonly seen.

kashgar Printed cloth.jpg

   In Kashgar, Ughur earthenware which comes in different colors and shapes is known as "Earth Art" in bazaars. The pottery is beautiful to look at and has a practical use as bowls, plates, pots, and jars. Most representative of this style is a local pot (Abudu pot) used for handwashing. The pot has a special natural beauty that has always been attractive to domestic and foreign travelers

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