Sunday Bazaar

   Walking at the bazaar is the best way to know Kashgar. Sunday Bazaar at East Gate of Kashgar the largest one in south Xinjiang. At the bazaar, one can find people selling various commodities such as delicate embroidered Uyghur hats, Uyghurstyle Yengisar Knives, and traditional designed earthenware. The bazaars boasted as the center of ethnic arts. Moreover, the delicious ethnic snacks feast the tourist's stomach and eyes as well.


   Tourists claim that those who have been to the bazaar can say he has been to Kashgar. The bazaar which is located at the East Gate of Kashgar City is the largest in Kashgar. This bazaar is also named as International Trade Market of Central and Western Asia. It is the largest international trade market in Northwest China, enjoying the fame "Fair of Central Asia". It is also the largest garden aggregate market of Kashgar City and Xinjiang.

   The bustling bazaar is a labyrinth. At the fair, you can enjoy and buy various things such as general merchandise, handicrafts, livestock, local specialties, vegetables, coat, and second-hand items as well as many other kinds of things from cattle and horses to needle and thread.


   At present, there are more than 20 large bazaars in Kashgar including comprehensive bazaars, agricultural and sideline product bazaar craftwork bazaar, folk specialty bazaar: boots embroidered hats and knives bazaar and coal and firewood bazaar: Each bazaar has its local feature, of which Kashgar Grand Bazaar and Anjiang Bazaar are the most well-known. Kashgar's Sunday market operates seven days a week, but on Sunday it is the most crowded If you want to experience the bustling bazaar, you had better go on Sundays. It's been modernized - moved inside with order rows of stalls, but its still an exotic cornucopia.

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