Sayram Lake

Sayram Lake is located in the alpine basin of the western section of the Tianshan Mountains in Bole, Xinjiang. It is called "Sailimuzhuoer" in Mongolian, which means "lake on the back of the mountain". As a provincial tourist scenic spot and the fifth batch of national scenic spots, it is the mountain lake with the highest elevation, the largest area and beautiful scenery. Sayram Lake is the last place where the warm and humid air of the Atlantic Ocean favors, so there is a saying of "the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean". If you like nature and photography, it is a good place to visit.


Sayram Lake


Chinese Name: 赛里木湖 [ sàilǐmù hú]

Location: more than 90 kilometers southwest of Bole City

Popular activities: sightseeing, photography, take speedboats, enjoy special Xinjiang food, etc.

Suited to: everyone

Time-needed: 1-2 days


Magical and Unique Natural Scenery

 Sayram Lake integrates the aesthetic characteristics of magnificent, strange, secluded, beautiful and open. For a long time, legends such as lake monsters, wind tunnels in the center of the lake, whirlpools and submarine magnetic fields have been circulated in Sayram Lake, which cast a layer of imaginative mystery on the beautiful Sayram Lake. In addition, there are a lot of historical remains of grassland ancestors on the shore of Sayram Lake: rock paintings, Wusun ancient tombs, temple sites, stone inscriptions, ancient post sites, etc. In a word, visitors can fully appreciate the romantic feelings of returning to nature and the unique ethnic culture.  


Things to Do

Take scenic tour car to enjoy the unique view around the lake

Sayram Lake is one of the important wetlands in the arid region of northwest China. It is 2073 meters above sea level, about 30 kilometers long from east to west, and 25 kilometers wide from north to south. In addition, Sayram Lake scenic spot is a provincial multi-functional comprehensive scenic spot, it has different beautiful view in winter and summer. Every winter, the snow and water of Sayram Lake congeal, and the slightly random-shaped lake surface is set in the iceberg and snowfield, like a piece of emerald green on the white and soft silk. In summer, the lakeside is full of forests and streams, the grass is lush and flowers are blooming; the vast grasslands, green smoke curls, and flocks of cattle and sheep form a moving pasture landscape. You can come here at different seasons to enjoy the lake's charming beauty and explore more about other beautiful attractions around the lake.


                                               Sayram Lake in Summer & Winter


Visitors can visit Sayram Lake around June and July, when the scenery is most beautiful as wildflowers bloom on the green grasslands surrounding the lake, which contrast with the blue water beneath the snow-capped mountains. And the flowers around the lake also have their own distribution, the north of the lake is mainly purple flowers, the west of the lake is mainly yellow flowers, the east of the lake is mainly blue flowers; the scenery has its own characteristics. In addition, every July, the "Naadam" event on the lakeside grassland makes Sayram Lake more beautiful. If you like photography, don’t miss the chance to take pictures around the lake.

sayram-lake-8.jpg sayram-lake-19.jpg


Sayram Lake


Travel Tips

Best Time for Visiting

The best season to visit Sayram Lake is around June and July, when the scenery is most beautiful as wildflowers bloom on the green grasslands surrounding the lake, which contrast with the blue water beneath the snow-capped mountains. The temperature in the Sayram Lake area is relatively low. Even in summer, it will be cold at night; so it is recommended to bring more clothes to keep warm.

How to Get to the Sayram Lake  

a. By train

Tourists can take a train from Urumqi to Yining, and then take a car or carpool from Yining to reach Sailimu Lake, the fare is about 100 yuan.

b. By bus

Tourists can take a passenger bus to Bole or Yining from Nianzigou Passenger Station in Urumqi, and get off at the east of Sailimu Lake on the way.

c. Charter a car

If you charter a car, you have free time and routes, and it is also convenient to go around Sayram Lake, but of course the cost is slightly more expensive.


Travel Information

Opening Time: Year-round 10:00-22:00

Customer Service Phone: 0909-7659990

Admission fee: 72.5CNY/PP


Nearby Attractions:


Guozigou is the natural gateway of the Ili area, a famous canyon tunnel that goes up to Sayram Lake in the north and down to the Ili River Valley in the south. It is located 40 kilometers northeast of Huocheng County, and it is the only passage of 312 National Highway.

                                                      Besides, Guozigou has a total length of 28km, with high mountains and tall silver fir. It is also a natural treasure house endowed by nature. There are countless wild fruits, especially wild apples and wild apricots. The medicinal resources are also very rich. From spring to autumn, wildflowers are in full bloom, and the fruit is fragrant.


Khorgas Port

Khorgas Port is 110 kilometers away from Sayram Lake and it is an important land port between China and Kazakhstan; it faces Kazakhstan across the Khorgas River. Here you can see the boundary monument of today and the boundary monument of the Qing government.


Khorgas Port

Keguerqin Lavender Garden

The Keguerqin Lavender Garden is located on the north side of the Ili River Valley, backed by the majestic Keguerqin Mountain. There is a large area of lavender planted in the scenic area. You can take a European-style small train to enjoy the beautiful view and if you like photography and flowers, you can take some nice photos here too. Besides, you can taste Xinjiang specialty snacks in the folk food street; and also can experience the joy harvest in the seasonal fruit and vegetable picking garden.



Lavender Garden

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