Xinjiang Lavender Season

When we mentioned the lavenders, you may think of Provence in France. While, It is also amazing to enjoy the Lavender in Huocheng County, Ili, Xinjiang. Ili is located on the same latitude as Provence in France, allowing them to share similar meteorological and soil conditions. Every summer holiday, the lavender farms in this area are the must-see place for tourists from abroad and China; even the locals are happy to have their wedding photos for the romantic and spectacular landscape. 

It is a common question for the tour operators in Xinjiang like us. 

When is the lavender season? Is the Lavender still available to be visited in Sept? 

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We all know that there is only one lavender harvest time in Hokkaido of Japan and the Provence of France. While there are two seasons in Huocheng Yili, what an amazing that it lasts longer in Xinjiang! 

First Season: The lavenders start to blossom in the last week of May every year. Farmers will harvest the Lavender around 20th June. The time of growth and enjoy beautiful flowers is about one month.

Second Season: It starts to flower at the end of July and will be harvest at the end of September. 

You may be wondering if you can enjoy the Lavender in from the end of June to end July, no worries, the professional farmland will not be harvest but keep for tourists.

So the Best Time to enjoy the Lavender is from the end of May to the end of September.

Why Can the Lavender Grow in Huocheng, Ili, Xinjiang?

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The first reason is the features of climate. Huocheng County in Ili River Valley and surrounded by mountains on three sides, the weather is relatively mild in winter and cool in summer, with humid and prominent climate characteristics. 

The annual average temperature is 7.9℃, the yearly accumulated temperature of ≥10℃ is 3200 - 3500℃, the frost-free period is 156 - 165 days. It is the most extensive lavender production base in China and the third-largest in the world. Its lavender fields have reached 3,500 hectares and account for 97 percent of the country's lavender output. The yearly sunshine is 2556 - 3028 hours. The average is 2826 hours, the environment of full sunlight is better, and the temperature difference between day and night, especially suitable for the growth and cultivation of aromatic plants like Lavender. 

Second is the history of farming the Lavender. China introduced Lavender from France in 1965. With the gradual expansion of the Lavender growing area, the levels of planting base and scale are increasing, and several considerable lavender planting bases have been set up.

The development level of the lavender industry in Huocheng has also improved year after year, and gradually formed some industrial models that integrate the raw material cultivation, refined oil extraction, deep product processing, tourism project development, leisure, and entertainment.


Where to Find the Lavender Farms in Ili: 

Huocheng Lavender-3.jpgLavender Farm

Swathes of lavender plants lure many tourists to Huocheng, Ili, in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, the county is known as the "City of Lavender," where you can see the most extensive and densest lavender fields are planted in China. 

On the way from Sayram Lake to Yining, you will see some lavender farms. Huocheng County has many lavender gardens, among which the 65th, 70th, 71st, 73th, and 67th, 68th, and 68th Regiments of the Fourth Agricultural Division are the most famous. But the most famous lavender park is Princess Jieyou Lavender Garden.


Top Lavender Garden for Tourists:

Princess Jieyou Lavender Garden: Situated in Huocheng County, Ili. Princess Jieyou Lavender Garden has a lavender field with a full view and colorful flower fields composed of various flowers and romantic sculptures in the area, which is an excellent place to shoot flower fields nearby.

Huocheng Lavender-10.jpgLavender Museum

1. The Lavender Museum and Refined Oil Factory are the main attractions in the scenic area. The museum is the main building in the park; when you are entering the museum, you will visit the process display of planting, utilization, and processing lavender planting, utilization, and processing, as well as various lavender specimens. Meanwhile, there will be several occasional explanations every day. You can learn more about Lavender based on the comments.

Besides, there are small workshops and gardens such as an essential oil workshop, a distillation furnace, a lavender variety garden, and an apricot garden. You can visit and observe the production process of refined oil.

Huocheng Lavender-7.jpgThe Colourful Flower Fields

2. The Colourful Flower Fields are the main viewing area in the lavender garden; from June to July is the best viewing period. Here, you can visit the museum when you come to the scenic area. A variety of colorful flowers are planted in a stripe shape in the beautiful flower field. Among the flower fields, it has some decorations such as scarecrows, colorful flowers, windmills, sculptures, etc. The whole scene is very romantic and suitable for photography.

Recommended Time For a Visit: 2-3 hours.

Telephone Numbers: 0999 - 3298833, 0999 - 3298877

Location: Shanghai South Road, Qingshuihe Town, Huocheng County, Yining City

Opening Time: 09:00 - 21:00


Drive to Princess Jieyou Lavender Garden in Ili:

1. It takes about 1 hour and 13 minutes ( 62 km ) to drive from Yining to Huocheng Lavender Garden.

2. Driving along Lianhuo Expressway from Guozigou to Huocheng Lavender Garden will take about 1 hour and 13 minutes (62 km).

3. It takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes ( 317.4 km ) to drive from Nalati Grassland to Huocheng Lavender Garden.

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