The Best Time to Visit Turpan

The Turpan where has been growing up with us in the Xinjiang region, is a very beautiful place, and food in Turpan is also special here. For tourists, Turpan is heaven what inner heart desire to go, many tourists is very interested in the time for the Turpan tourism, because it is related to their sightseeing of landscape in different time. Actually, this problem is mainly influenced by some of the local geography to judge the climate, basin is one of the most significant terrains in Turpan.

July, August, and September is the best time and best tourist season to visit Turpan. Turpan, the hottest place in the whole country and there’s a saying in  local  language "Baking pie on the wall, boiling eggs in the sand" which shows that the heat in Turpan. The fruits in this season is quite delicious. Because of the temperature in this season is very high, you should make a good sunshine protection while you travel Turpan.

“China Silk Road---Turpan Grape Festival” is held every year in August in Turpan. At the appointed time, there are Darwaz performances, delicious grapes, the large song and dance party, Mukam dance folk activities and various nationalities and colorful activities. Tourists can fully feel classic feelings of the Uighurs of the grape township.

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