Travel Tips in Turpan

Customs and Taboos

During visit to Turpan, we must recommend tourists to give over look to the Muslims handmade local products and taboos in particular.

Do not poke the food in dishes or get close to the kitchen in Uyghur family.

Never eat pork or talk about pigs when you are with Muslims.

Do not wear clothes that are short and too revealing.

When receiving something, you had better use both of your hands to show your thanks and respect to the host in local people's home.


Other Tips

Although the temperature is high in the day time, you should take a long sleeved shirt as temperatures here vary greatly between day and night.
As the climate is scorching in the summer, it is necessary for you to take a hat, sunglasses and sun-bloc to avoid being burnt.
You should not wear contact lenses due to the hot dry weather.
Although the clock time in Xinjiang is the same as Beijing time, there is two hours difference because of the longitude. You should modify your rest and dinning times two hours later as compared with staying in the central part of China.

The knife of Xinjiang handcrafts is not allowed to take to the plane or train, so when choosing souvenirs you had better think about security check.

In some parts of the sparsely populated areas, accommodation is not very convenient. If you have plan to those places, you had better drive your cars or take tents with you.

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