Travel to Kumtag Desert in Turpan

The Kumtag Desert, whose Uyghur name is translated to "sand mountain," has yellow sand similar to the Gobi Desert; an arid area in Xinjiang that may soon combine itself with nearby deserts to form the largest national park in the world. The desert is the only attraction in the world that links the modern world with the ancient Loulan Kingdom, offering scientific exploration as well as camel rides and sand therapy treatments. Whether you venture into the desert in hopes of fulfilling your Indiana Jones aspirations or stay in the developed tourist area, the Kumtag Desert is a unique sight to see.


 Kumtag Desert Scenic Area is a national key scenic spot, the only desert connected with the city in the world. It is called “desert in the city”. For thousands of years, the wind direction intersection point has always been at the southern end of Shanshan old city and never moved northward, so it has not buried Shanshan city. It is the “green never retreated” in the sand control history of world. Here you can ride camels, desert Cars and simply hike around as long as you want.


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