Top Turpan Attractions

Turpan, in the eastern part of the Xinjiang, was called Gaochang in ancient times. At the lowest-elevation anywhere in China lying in the Turpan Basin, it is an essential place on the Silk Road.

Turpan is a smaller but beautiful tourist destination that is worth a visit, and you will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this destination. It has recently become a tourist hot spot of Xinjiang with its unique landscape, abundant historical relics, and fertile farmland...

Gaochang Ruins

There are two old cities added to the World Heritage List in 2014; one is Jiaohe Ancient Ruins; the other is Gaochang Ruins. Withstand the test of time and weather, Gaochang Ruins is one of the best-preserved ruins of the ancient cities in China.

Kumtag Desert

Like an angel from a golden country, Kumtag Desert, in the vast desert, are only yellow sands and gullies, and the scene of lone geese in the sunset occurs from time to time. All the views are full of epic hallucinations and illusions, making it an ideal tourist destination.

Flaming Mountains

It was made famous because of the story "Journey to the west." It is a magnificent sight to behold that the red-colored mountain range with the lines looked like flames burning. But what makes it unique is a valley with the mountain range on both ends the back of the mountain.

Bezekik Grottoes

A highlight of Turpan was the fascinating Bezeklik Caves, which contain exciting Buddhist artwork dating from the 6th to 14th centuries in a great location with an edible desert landscape.

Jiaohe Ancient Ruins

One of the best-preserved earthen architecture sights in the world, was an ancient city that was strategically located along the old Silk Road. There some people saying "You haven't been to Turpan if you haven't been to Jiaohe." You will find it a much better experience to visit this ancient city, although it is not as large as the Gaochang ruins.

Sugong Minaret

It is one of the newer works of Islamic architecture constructed in China, dating back to just 1778. Unlike places such as the Great Mosque of Xi'an, which feature a dizzying amalgamation of traditional Han Chinese and Islamic architecture styles. Decorated with a mix of floral and geometrical patterns that are very ornate in the sun and reminiscent of similar architecture in Uzbekistan, it is the tallest minaret in China.

Karez Well

It is an underground aqueduct system created thousands of years ago to move war water from snow pecks from nearby mountains to this oasis. The ancient design of the water system is the same as that of the other nations in the middle east or several desert nations.

Tuyuq Village

Set in a green valley fringed by the Flaming Mountains, this mud-brick village offers a fascinating glimpse of traditional Uyghur life and architecture. Visiting Tuyoq is a little like time travel, save for the odd awkwardly parked Landcruiser on its narrow, crooked streets. Don't leave without trying some of the locally produced mulberry juice or dried berries, available near the entrance.

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