Kumtag Desert

Introduction of Kumtag Desert

The Kumtag ("kum tagh" in Uyghur, meaning "sand mountain") Desert, or Sand Mountain Desert, is located in Xinjiang province in northwestern China. Like all deserts, the temperature in the Kumtag Shamo varies from freezing at night to baking during the day.

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As one of the rare desert in the world, especially when you standing on the top of the Sand Mountain in the desert, and observe the brilliant sunrise and the colourful sunset, you can also experience the magnificent view of ‘In boundless desert lonely smokes rise straight, Over endless river the sun sinks round’, which is quite splendid.
In Uighur language, Kumtag Desert means "sand mountain", it is a mobile desert with many sand nests, sand mountains and other spectacular scenery, and that is quite worth to visit.
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What to play in Kumtag Desert?
For ordinary tourists, Kumtag Desert refers to the Shashan Park (Kumtag Desert Park) on the south side of Shanshan County and it is the most convenient place to play in the desert. There are many paid recreational items in the park, such as sand skiing, desert off-road vehicles and other entertainment facilities, It's appropriate to play for 3-4 hours. Moreover, it should be noted that visitors should be prepared with sunscreen and dust-proof equipment, and bring some drinks.
When is the best time to visit?
Every March to September is the best time to travel to Kumtag Desert. Among them Every Spring and autumn are suitable for hiking, but from June to July is the hottest time in Turpan and the temperature will be above more than 40 degrees, at that time, tourists can enjoy sand therapy and other interesting activities. In winter, the desert will be very cold which is not proper for hiking or traveling.
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Travel advise & Travel routes of Kumtag Desert:
There are two hiking routes in Kumtag Desert, one is from the desert park to the balustrade town, about 10 kilometers away, which can be completed in a day. The other one is from the desert park to the village of Dikaner on the southwest side of the desert, this route is more than 40 kilometers long, and It takes about three days to complete because of the difficulty and the high intensity, it should be noted that hiking in the desert is risky, and it not suitable for tourists who have no outdoor experience. Meanwhile, outdoor enthusiasts are also advised to follow professional teams and prepare for desert crossing equipment.
Traffic Information:
1. Chartering is one of the best method to get to the scenic spot, tourists can choose to charter a car at Turpan Passenger Station to Dikaner Village.
2. Chartering is one of the best method to get to the scenic spot.
3. Tourists can take the high-speed railway from Urumqi to Shanshan county for sightseeing.

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