What to Buy in Turpan

During stay In Turpan, tourists use to buy gifts for their families and they enjoy the different types of grapes because there are more than 600 categories of grapes in Turpan. If you are looking for something else to buy, you can also find locally made knives, tapestry, and knitted carpets.



The most famous fruit in Turpan is grapes, and there are over 600 categories of grapes in Turpan. The raisins there have the highest quality and most categories. Also, raisins are much convenient than fresh grapes for visitors to take with.


Pa La Zi (Knitting Carpet)

Pa La Zi is another example of the traditional craftworks of Uygurs. Pa La Zi is crafted by using colorful wool to knit a variety of geometric figures. Once complete, a carpet can be used as a rug, blanket, or even as a decorative wall hanging. Sometimes the locals will wrap the carpet on the back of their horse or camel in order to use the carpet as a riding blanket.



Turpan tapestry is well-known both at home and abroad, enjoying high reputation in the international community. Its blanket surface is smooth and burnish, with solid soft brightness. It has thick local color tapestry patterns and is unique among international tapestries industry.


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