Nalati Grassland

Nalati grassland is one of the four major grasslands in the world, a sub-alpinenalati-grassland-9.jpg meadow plant area. It has been a famous pasture since ancient times. It hasflat river valleys, high mountain peaks, deep gorges, lush forests, and stretches of grassland. Combined with thelocal Kazakh folk customs,it has become a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, scientific investigation, leisure and entertainment, summer vacation and souvenir purchase. If you like vast grassland and want to experience the joy of horseback riding, then it's an amazing place to visit.


Chinese Name: 那拉提草原 [nà lā tí cǎoyuán]

Location: about 70 kilometers away from Xinyuan County and 465 kilometers away from Urumqi

Popular activities: sightseeing, photography, horseback riding, hiking, starry sky camping, cycling, learning about Kazakh customs and culture

Suited to: everyone

Time needed: 1-2 days



Spectacular and Charming Scenery

Nalati grassland has natural landforms with beautiful scenery, elegant environment and rich vegetation. Besides, the mountains here are lush and green, like an endless green ocean. The blue sky, white clouds, snow-capped mountains, dark green fir forests, light cyan grasslands and colorful flowers, with distinct layers and harmonious tones, are like a bright picture. Listening to the long melodious pastoral tune from a distance, the grassland makes you feel that the world is vast and the years are far away. And there are many famous inside attractions, which are including the Nalati National Forest Park, River Valley Grassland , Snow Lotus Valley, Nalati Tourist Scenic Area and Volta Tower,etc. Especially, the Snow Lotus Valley is about 2,200 meters above sea level, and the top of the mountain is covered with snow all year round; which is very fabulous and it will be a nice choice to visit here in winter to take some snow photos or videos.



Legendary Story of the Nalati Grasslandnalati-grassland-8.jpg

Legend has it that whenGenghis Khan was on his westward expedition, a Mongolian army marched from the depths of the Tianshan Mountains to Ili. It was spring, but the mountains were filled with snow and wind. Hunger and cold made this army exhausted. The vast grassland, with dense springs and flowing water, is like entering another world. At this time, the clouds open and the sunset is like blood, people couldn't help shouting “Nalati (sun), Nalati” and hence the place name. If you are interested in historical legendary stories or some ethnic cultures, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and explore.


Things to Do

Hiking and enjoy beautiful views

Nalati Forest Park covers an area of 6025 hectares; there are a wide variety of wild animals and plants in the park and rich resources. The park is mainly composed of natural and cultural landscapes; If the weather here is fine, you can get rid of all constraints and feel the fun of hiking and feel the beauty of nature. In addition, the Nalati Tourist Scenic Area also includes many beautiful tourist attractions such asTianjietai, Tawusani, Volta Tower, grassland tribe and so on.

And Tianjietai is the highest viewing point on the Nalati Air Grassland, showingnalati-grassland-7.jpeg visitors a scene like an oil painting: the snow kisses the blue sky, the fog surrounds the pine forest, the mountains are stacked, the green grass and the breeze, the birds and butterflies dance, the cows and sheep are leisurely, carrying the rivers and springs as jade pendants, and the snowy ridges and spruces as neon clothes; the artistic conception of truth, goodness and beauty, and the shock in the depths of the soul, are unforgettable. Walking from here, you will reach the vast fairyland on earth - the grassland in the air. 

Furthermore, Tawusani means beautiful valley” and it is fromKazakh language; in Tawusani, we can see the perfect combination of snow-capped peaks, dense forests, green hills and flat meadows. Besides, the grassland tribe is a night tour area on the Nalati grassland. It is based on the Wusun tribe as the theme. It is the first comprehensive tourist attraction in the world that reflects the history, culture and folk customs of the Kazakh people. What you see and touch here is the reproduction of history, as if you have entered a time-space tunnel and back to the year of history. What can't be missed here is the singing and dancing performance that represents the highest level of Kazakh. Whenever night falls, King Wusun will bring the Prince, Princess Jieyou and Ministers of Wusun to participate in the grand bonfire party.


April to Juneis the best season for viewing flowers in the Nalati grassland. From the wild lilies blooming on the top of the ice in early April to the golden lotus and sage in late June, all kinds of mountain flowers are in full bloom; so it is called the Hanging Garden. The grassland from July to Septemberis green, the flocks move like clouds; and the climate is very pleasant, the sky is high and the clouds are light, which is an excellent period for photography. From December toMarch, the Nalati grassland is covered in silver, and the red willows are enchanting, which is very spectacular. If you love photography, you can take some beautiful pictures here.



Travel Tips

Best Time for Visiting

Every year from June to September, all kinds of wildflowers on the grassland bloom all over the hills and grassy slopes. Therefore, it's a good time to visit the Nalati Grassland. It is still necessary to take a coat or jacket to keep warm in summer. There is a distinct difference in temperature for a day and night in Xinjiang, and heat in some scenic spots is probably lower due to the high altitude or weather change.


How to Get to the Nalati Grassland from Urumqi

a. By plane

You can take a plane from Urumqi to Nalati Airport directly, and find a car to go to Nalati grassland.

b. Rent a car

The car rental service is available in our company, please contact us for further detailed information, we will arrange the English speaking driver for better experience and communication.

Travel Information 

Opening Time:

10:00-19:00 (Monday - Sunday, January 1st - April 30th)

08:00-20:00 ( Monday - Sunday, May 1st - December 31th)

Customer Service Phone: 0999-5291888


Admission fee with shuttle bus


Recommended Tours to Nalati Grassland

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